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Eastern PA Business Journal – Responding to evolving client needs drives hireVision to new heights

Posted on: March 23rd, 2009 | Category: News & Media

“Really, our clients have changed the way we’re responding to the economic issues that they’re experiencing,” says Tina I. Hamilton, PHR and President of hireVision Group Inc., in Whitehall.

During an economic recession, hireVision says that a company’s organization and efficiency become even more critical. The current news surrounding companies’ human resource (HR) departments has served to cement the need for these functions to be an integral part of a company’s culture. This recent shift in thinking has allowed hireVision to fill that need for additional assistance to their clients. To that end, Hamilton is experiencing continued growth in requests for their HR DirectLink services that involve such functions as performing employee relations, HR support and administrative processes such as exit interviews, employee surveys, FMLA and workers compensation administration, as well as payroll and benefits administration.

“Companies are doing less hiring, so they can’t afford for their employees to not be functioning at the highest level. They are having to look closer at the employees they have and make changes, whether that means aiding their low performers or hiring someone new,” adds Hamilton.

While hireVision is not a headhunter or consulting firm, their diversified resources and proven processes enable them to assist companies that are looking to develop their current employees and to hire new ones. Hamilton says, “We’re truly an extension of their company. Despite the fact that companies are cutting back, they still have services they need to perform. And hireVision has been able to successfully fill that gap.”

Hamilton believes that one of the most important services that their clients are outsourcing to them is their employee relations function. She says it is critical for companies that are going to successfully weather the recession to track employee issues and make sure they are being handled successfully. Clients that supplement their HR department by outsourcing their day-to-day tasks to hireVision have enabled their own HR professionals to concentrate on more strategic functions.

Because clients only pay for the services they receive, hireVision has shown itself to be a cost-effective resource for institutions in the areas of business, academia, health care and industry, to name a few. All of hireVision’s staff hold a human resource degree or certification, or have extensive HR experience.

Despite the economy, some companies are still hiring. “Our focus isn’t on getting a placement, but on the work. This translates into a savings of one-eighth to one-third of the cost of hiring a staffing service or headhunter,” Hamilton adds. Because of the strong response brought by nearly every job opening, hireVision has found that their hiring management services continue to be very popular. “If you’re making a change with your employees,” Hamilton says, “this is the time to do it because there are so many great people out on the market looking for jobs.”

hireVision’s clients are primarily companies ranging from 100 to 800 employees that value human resources as an integral part of their strategic plan. These are typically well-established companies that either don’t have their own HR department or are in need of supplementing their existing human resource staff.


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