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Posted on: February 26th, 2015 | Category: Employee Relations, hiring process, How To Hire Good Employees, Our Blog

serenity now  hiring process myhr partnerHiring is a big, expensive deal.

Although we have been saying it for years, it is nice to get support from a major media outlet like Time. The magazine reported in “The Biggest Workplace and Career Predictions for 2015 that one of the major issues facing companies is the cost and high stakes of the hiring process.

From the Time article:

Not that long ago, most job openings were filled based on a resume, cover letter, and a half-hour interview or two with a boss. That process is dramatically lengthening: It may start with a work-sample assignment to be included with the job application, and three to five rounds of interviews, often including an all-day run through a gauntlet of interrogators, followed by a thorough background check to verify reported information, identify criminal record, etc. The process can take months.
The lengthening is due, in part, to the increased costs of employing an American: in addition to the Affordable Care Act, there are increases in the costs of Workers Compensation, Americans with Disabilities Act, EEOC, Medicare, Social Security, and Family Leave Act (paid leave in some states), and expanded employee rights to file grievances against employers


With so much at stake, it makes sense to have the process managed by experts.

We’ve heard your call for more advice and information, and will be blogging about the hiring process monthly throughout the year. President and hiring outsourcing entrepreneur, Tina Hamilton, PHR, who has been tapped by as an expert on how to minimize the costs and time it takes to hire, will share her best tips with you. She is the perfect choice to quote on the subject of making smart, yet financially sound, hiring process investments during these days of economic uncertainty.

Don’t forget that Employee Appreciation Day is next Friday!

Still looking for some great ideas for celebrating Employee Appreciation Day on March 6th? Here’s some news from around the Lehigh Valley on the subject that might spark an idea of your own:

jacks_glass_logo.gifJack’s Glass is having an ice hockey field trip.

Owner Donna Braden is showing her employees how much they mean to her business by taking them all out to dinner and a Lehigh Valley Phantoms match. It’s a great way to get everyone out of the workplace for some team-building fun.


MHRP logo smallmyHR Partner is all about the spa.

Here at the myHR Partner World Headquarters, the boss is really tuned in to the needs of her incredible team. They need pampering. Lots of pampering. That’s why Employee Appreciation Day activities will be held one afternoon at the Bear Creek Spa later in the month, when schedules allowed for everyone to be together and relax. Each employee gets a spa treatment and time to luxuriate in the sauna and lounge.

What are you doing for your team on Employee Appreciation Day? We’d love to know!

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