Sexual Harassment Prevention / Anti-Harassment Services

You can’t afford to ignore the risk of sexual harassment claims in your workplace.

One call can put an effective, ongoing anti-harassment program into place.This October, sweeping new sexual harassment prevention laws went into effect in New York State, and they include strict rules on the content and wording of specific policy statements and on how employers conduct annual training for all employees in compliance with state regulations and guidelines. California also signed anti-sexual-harassment legislation, as did Delaware, with both states’ new laws set to go into effect on January 1, 2019.

Even if you don’t operate a business in New York, your state is probably heading in this direction—if they aren’t already there yet. Harassment claims are on the rise everywhere and you need to keep your organization protected from the costly litigation and hard-to-repair damage to your reputation. Our team of experienced, well-versed HR experts can also assist you with updating and maintaining your workplace policies and environments to help keep employees feeling respected, safe and happy. We also offer modern, engaging and effective sexual harassment prevention training for employees and management, and we customize the experience to make sure it meets your organization’s unique needs and compliance requirements.

Our results-based anti-harassment program offer:

  • Audit existing organizational policies and counsel on meeting local, state and/or federal regulations + developing a plan to identify and mitigate risks.
  • Update existing or create policies and keep them updated with any new regulatory requirements
  • Initial training of management
  • Initial training of workforce
  • Establishment of hotline services through myLink
  • Preparation of any regulatory documents that attest to completion of required training
  • Connections on standby with existing or new legal resources to be prepared for potential claims
  • Resources as a third-party to document and investigate claims
  • Quarterly report (e-mail) for management about harassment news, risks and strategies to keep the company updated on harassment policies as required by the EEOC
  • Quarterly information for management to share with employees via e-mail or employee publications about harassment
  • Ongoing training of new and existing staff, keeping fully compliant with EEOC requirements as well as tailored to the preferred format and style specified by regulatory agencies—no guessing what is expected!

Be proactive in protecting your workplace. Contact us today to find out more about our sexual harassment prevention service packages. One call can put an effective, ongoing anti-harassment program in place for you.

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