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Summer Slacker Syndrome: How Can You Avoid This Employee Motivation Killer?

Posted on: August 2nd, 2013 | Category: Employee Relations, Human Resources, Our Blog

Summer Slacker Syndrome at work

All right. We see you. It’s the first Friday afternoon in August, and you—along with millions of others out there—are itching to get out of work and on to some summertime fun. What better time to discuss the dreaded condition affecting workplaces nationwide right at this very moment, as you read this delightful blog post?

We’re talking, of course, about Summer Slacker Syndrome (SSS). That’s the flailing motivation witnessed by employers as their employees trudge through the summer months on the job with their minds clearly on recreational pursuits instead.

Symptoms of Summer Slacker Syndrome include: 

  • Daydreaming, with or without the aid of travel websites or vacation pictures
  • Sluggishness and an uptake in tropical-fruit-flavored beverage consumption
  • Moping, or even sighing, while looking outside at the sunshine
  • Increased number of beach- or poolside-themed screensavers and/or Facebook cover photos

With No Vaccine Currently on the Market for this Affliction, What’s a Boss to Do?

Last year at this time, hireVision’s own Tina Hamilton was tapped by Lehigh Valley Business as an expert offering advice on how to deal with SSS. One of Tina’s great tips from the article was, “(During summer) It’s quieter, there’s not as much energy in the air to keep people going…companies need to find ways that can create positive energy.” Try giving employees an opportunity to get excited about coming to work, even when the nice weather is beckoning. Some companies use this time to set goals for the rest of the year, which gives everyone something to work towards. Flexible schedules or offering telecommuting options, if possible, can also help. Summer may also be a good time for attending professional development workshops and seminars.

You can read the complete article online here, or download a PDF of it here.

Happy summertime weekend, everyone!

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