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Sweet Mother of Workplace Harmony! Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Posted on: March 25th, 2013 | Category: Employee Relations, Events, HR Training Programs, Human Resources, MODERN EMPLOYER, Our Blog

Can't we all just get along in the workplace? Managers training for workplace team building from hireVision

If this kind of team in-fighting is not beyond the realm of possibility where you work, please don't miss our workshop!

“General Manager,” his gleaming new nameplate read as it sat on his desk. He stared at it for a few moments, wondering what had happened, and how it had gotten so problematic so fast. This was a great promotion and well earned, too. So why did he feel more frustration than satisfaction?

When Doug agreed to take a management role, he knew he was up for the challenge.  He’d really honed his operations experience and business acumen as an individual contributor over the past several years.  Doug’s boss told him his sense of humor, combined with his ability to “get it done”, were key traits that would made him successful at the company, and he was thrilled at the opportunity to bring those skills into a leadership capacity. The strategy meetings, budgetary oversight, long-term business planning—he was ready for it all. But the 12-person team he’d inherited (many of whom were previously his colleagues) made Doug unsure if he was truly prepared for this side of management. These responsibilities, he admitted to himself, might be a little daunting to start.

You didn’t come this far in your career to become the office therapist.

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Doug’s eyes were quickly opened when he learned that what he initially thought would be “a little daunting” could actually be an all-out nightmare.  His team seemed to be struggling to adapt to the management change, and he was seeing bad attitudes, attendance problems, and productivity drops as a result.  Doug’s sense of humor and get-it-done attitude seemingly wasn’t enough this time around.  When he considered the morale issues combined with the upcoming hiring surge that was planned this year, Doug knew he needed to figure out a game plan to not only get his existing team in gear, but also gain the knowledge to hire, on-board, and manage the much larger team he’d have in the very near future.  Doug looked at his smartphone and wondered, was there an app for that?  He’d pay good money for a “management app” for sure!

Build a Better Team.

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After a quick Google search, Doug couldn’t find the app he was hoping for (not for lack of trying), but he did find the Modern Employer Talent Management Training Workshop series.   The first 3 workshops, “Building Your Best Team Ever…With Your Own Cast of Characters!”, “HR Essentials for Management 1.0” and “Harassment, Bullying, Discrimination” seemed to be tailored especially for him.  The costs for the events were nominal, and the tools he received were priceless. Even his boss was thrilled at the affordable way Doug found to gain the training he needed.

When he got to the first session, Doug figured he’d at least ask the facilitator about a “management app”. Couldn’t hurt, right?  If nothing else, perhaps it would help him get his sense-of-humor mojo back.

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