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Terrible Terminations: Firing Fails You Don’t Want to Emulate

Posted on: April 17th, 2013 | Category: Employee Relations, Government Regulatory & Compliance Issues, HR Training Programs, Human Resources, Our Blog, Terminations

involuntary terminations can be handled very wrongInvoluntary terminations. They stink. Still, there are occasions when firing is necessary. We empathize with business owners and managers who are left with this task. We also would like to request that you not follow the termination practices of the companies reported upon in the jaw-dropping article “You’re Fired: 11 Horrific Layoff Stories” we found on Among the most horrific were:

  • One company evacuated the offices during a fire drill, and while the employees gathered in their assigned areas and waited to be signaled back indoors, the person in charge of the drill told them all over a loudspeaker that if their employee card does not give you access to the building, it meant you have been laid off.
  • A nurse was pulled out of surgery to be told she would be losing her job when the clinic management received word from the parent company to lay off 90 employees immediately.
  • A manager stopped by the home of an employee just released after five days in the hospital with a bouquet of flowers and a severance check.
  • One man who was asked to create and deliver exit packages to employees being laid off was then given one of them himself the day afterwards.
  • An employee of a large bank first read on Reuters wire that his entire division was being eliminated before
  • A company changed all the locks before employees could go and retrieve their personal possessions after being fired.

(Read the whole article here.)


As difficult as termination conversations with employees are, you can still preserve dignity (yours and theirs). HR best practices can help you with that. They are also important for keeping your company compliant and running smoothly, no matter what employee issues come your way.

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