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The Don’t-Throw-the-Baby-Out-With-the-Bathwater Team Building Approach

Posted on: March 7th, 2013 | Category: Employee Relations, HR Training Programs, Human Resources, MODERN EMPLOYER, Our Blog, Talent Management

team building when you have a bad apple“There’s one in every group….” Sarah sighed after leaving her monthly management meeting. Once again, there was that one team member who caused the group to stumble.  What was it her dad used to say when she was growing up? “One bad apple spoils the bunch.”

By and large, Sarah was fortunate to have a great team of employees and managers, but invariably there was that one employee (ok, maybe two) – who seemed to drag down the average!  The whining, the excuses, the lack of real focus on the goal…every day was a new challenge, it seemed.  She knew they had the potential to be high performersthat’s how they got to this point!  Then she remembered another idiom her dad often used: “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

Sarah didn’t want or need to build an entirely new team—just thinking about the time, energy and cost of it made her shudder. But, how to reduce the drama, she didn’t know. It was starting to affect the company bottom line and keep her up at night!

hireVision HR outsourcing partnershipsSarah had read management blogs and talked with other business executives, but she just couldn’t seem to find the approach that would re-focus these individuals, and she didn’t want the rest of her team’s performance to suffer in the meantime.  So when she saw the Build Your Best Team e-book series and management training session, she jumped at the chance to learn some practical approaches, gain valuable tools to boost her team’s engagement and eliminate those problem behaviors.

After experiencing “Building Your Best Team Ever…With Your Own Cast of Characters!”, Sarah was amazed at the simple, easy ways she could maximize the talent she had; she just needed to focus through a different lens and consistently apply her newly learned techniques.  With hireVision’s simple, easy-to-follow tips and templates, Sarah began feeling more comfortable talking with her team members, setting realistic performance expectations, and inspiring top performance – from everyone!  And after a few weeks of applying what she learned in the session – when her most challenging performers ended up turning it around – Sarah knew she’d struck gold.

Your team-building story can have a happy ending too! Come to hireVision’s April 4th, 2013, “Building Your Best Team Ever…With Your Own Cast of Characters!” Training Session, click here.



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