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The Year In HR Blogging: Our Greatest Hits of 2012

Posted on: December 30th, 2012 | Category: hiring process, Human Resources, Our Blog

We couldn’t ring out the year without sharing our most memorable blog posts. We covered many great topics and events in 2012, and can’t wait to share all that 2013 holds for modern employers and managers like you. Please enjoy this month-by-month “Best in Show” as selected by the hireVision team.



The Three P’s of a Successful Hiring Persona

We saw a lot of advice out there for applicants and job seekers on how to present yourself during the hiring process, but very little on how employers and their hiring staff ought to come across during these encounters in order to reel in a prize catch. So, we blogged about it ourselves.

(Also notable posts in January 2012: “Does Your Company Have a Social Media Preparedness Plan?” and “Whittle Away Workplace Whining: A Manager’s Guide“)

successful hiring manager persona



Does Cupid Know Your Office Dating Policy?

This was our Valentine’s Day post, with an HR twist. Did you know that the industries with the highest self-reported incidences of co-worker dating were Hospitality, financial Services and Transportation & Utilities? Neither did we before this article! More importantly, do you know if your company dating policy is clearly spelled out, or if you have one at all?

(For the non-romantics out there, February also featured great these great posts regarding HR and social media: “Is Facebook an Employment Crystal Ball?” and “Not Sure How to Use Social Media to Mine for Talent? Have No Fear. NetSourcing Is Here!“)

office dating policies and HR



Happy Employees Have Room to Grow

We explained how productivity and the return on your hiring investments can be sabotaged when employers ignore their employees’ career or personal goals and their job satisfaction. Happiness really does matter!

(Along these lines, we also posted “Great Bosses Know Every Employee Counts” on the topic of increasing employee productivity during the month of March.)

happy workers and employee motivation



Weigh In on an HR Hot Topic: Requesting Facebook Passwords from Job Applicants & Employees

Unless you were living under a rock during the first half of 2012 (and that rock was not in range of a 3 or 4G network), you heard about how some hiring managers are requesting Facebook passwords from prospective employees. The topic has many people concerned, on both sides of the issue.
(Not to be overlooked, April also featured a valuable posts on documentation entitled “Don’t Overlook This Essential Employee Handbook Detail“)

HR and social media privacy issues



What’s the Real Cost of Picking One Bad Apple?

The estimated cost of one bad apple hired in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and recent CareerBuilder survey, is staggering. The survey also found that 69 percent of employers reported that bad hires lowered their company’s productivity, affected worker morale and even resulted in legal issues.

(May also included a valuable heads-up post called “The IRS Is Making Its Move on PPACA…(Cue “Jaws” theme song)” about updating employers on the IRS’s interest in the PPACA changes headed our way.)

bad hires are costly



Are You Doing the Employee Motivation Thing Right?

This article was written by our Director of Hiring Management Bonnie Levitt, MSW, PHR, and offered great advice for employers and managers trying to motivate their employees in today’s economy, where businesses must be focused on having the most productive teams possible to keep their headcounts manageable and still maximize profits. The message that employee motivation and performance can impact the bottom line is one that hireVision will continue to promote in 2013 and beyond.

(During this month, we also got to share “hireVision’s CEO Tells How to Be The Company Great Employees Want to Work for“, which tells how to attract and retain stellar talent. It was written by our CEO, Tina Hamilton, PHR, for MileStone Bank’s MileMarker newsletter.)

Employee motivation: Are you doing it right?




We bravely blogged about saving the time-strapped, über-multitasking company HR manager after reading results from a recent SHRM survey. “There are still only 24 hours in each day,” we protested! How do you keep your HR team from spreading itself too thin, thus not getting the results your company needs?

(Honorable mentions for July: “Are Your Hiring Managers Up to the Task?“, “Survey Says: Make Sure Your Employee Retention Efforts Are Effective!” and “Oh, No You Di-In’t! New Bosses Should Avoid This Major HR Blunder“.)

Save the HR manager with HR outsouring.



What We Can Learn From a Third-World Country

Fresh back from her first Global Volunteers experience in St Lucia, West Indies, our president and CEO, Tina Hamilton, PHR, wrote about her life-changing journey, and about all that volunteerism can do for individuals and the culture of organizations that promote it.

(We’d be remiss not to mention these employee-satisfaction-related blog posts that ran in August as well: “If You Want Employee Motivation, Look Beyond the $$$” and “Are You Combining Off-Boarding and Exit Interviews? Cease and Desist!“)



FYI: Getting Mooned May Indicate That Your Employee Relations Program Needs Work

Our most popular and most hilarious post of the year! In a prime example of “truth is stranger than fiction”, we covered a news story about the ill effects of poor policy when an employee decides to give management the two-cheek salute.

(We also covered important, serious HR issues in September, in the following posts: “The Empire State Building & NJ Supermarket Shootings: An HR Wake Up Call” and “Workplace Violence Still Making Headlines, Still an Urgent HR Issue“. Less somber, but still important topics were discussed in “Hiring Managers: Bad Buzz Travels PDQ on the WWW—Mind Your Ps & Qs!” and “Mind Your Exit Interviews in This Age of Social Media“.)

We don't condone mooning your boss for better employee-managment communications.



TALENT HIVES: HR Trend Gets Much Buzz, Won’t Put Bee in Your Bonnet

After Newsweek ran an article in September about talent hives, human resources professionals swarmed to the Internet to find out more. We did our part to explain the trend.

(Sandy’s appearance in late October made it necessary for us to share FLSA information in “Important Hurricane Information Regarding Working from Home and FLSA“, for which many of our readers thanks us. Employee communications were also addressed in “EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK ALERT: Take Note of New NLRB Social Media Rulings” and “The HR Documentation Dilemma“.)

talent hives...even comedians have 'em



A Bad Hire Can Sap Almost a Whole Day Out of a Manager’s Week

Hear that sucking sound? That’s the sound of time being sucked out of a manager’s work week in order to oversee poorly performing employees, also known as the bad hire you made once upon a time. Our blogging aimed to help stop the madness.

(In November we also reminded readers of looming Affordable Care Act deadlines in “COMING SOON TO AN HR DESK NEAR YOU: Health Care Reform Deadlines“. HR process outsourcing was another hot topic and was discussed in “Outsourced Recruitment Process: Your Key to Success in 2013?“)

hireVision HR outsourcing cost of bad hire



Manager ≠ Office Therapist (It’s True. We Did the Math.)

Returning to the topic we highlighted in the very beginning of the year, we offered this reassuring message to employers and managers:

You didn’t come this far in your career to become the office therapist.

We also offered some solid advice on how to handle workplace conflict and drama, from our latest ebook offering.

(Other informative blog posts in December included the topics of exit interviews, coaching vs. mentoring and affordable applicant tracking systems. “Bringing Cheer to Your Employees During Trying Times“, “NACE Report Shows Promising Hiring Outlook for 2013 Grads” and fun pictures from the Lehigh Valley Business Awards helped finished off our year of blogging on a positive note.)

don't be the office therapist hireVision

Here’s to 2013—may it be full of prosperity and happiness for you and yours. Happy New Year from hireVision!


team building conflict resolution hireVision


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