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Tina Hamilton, president of myHR Partner, shares her biggest guilty pleasure of being the boss.

Posted on: November 19th, 2015 | Category: Human Resources, Our Blog

boss guilty pleasure of work myhr blogWith the recent national news coverage by The Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine about how myHR Partner thrives as a 40-hour workweek company, we thought it would be a good time to put our boss, Tina Hamilton, PHR on the spot. After all, if hard-hitting national journalist can grill her about her bossing skills, why can’t your favorite HR blog?

So, after all the talk about work-life balance, treating employees with respect and creating a healthy workplace environment, we wanted to know one thing the journalist seemed not to have asked recently. And here’s our big question for Tina:

What is your biggest guilty pleasure as an employer?

“Oh, that’s an easy one. I truly love getting to know the individuals I work with and learning about their lives from their experiences and stories. That said, my absolute biggest guilty pleasure is opportunities to get to see all of their precious children! I never get tired of the back-to-school and holiday photos, and I gush every time the little ones stop into the office. Kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews—family makes me happy. Seeing that side of my employees’ lives really drives home my commitment to a healthy work-life balance in our company culture.”

Wow. With a quote like that, how could we NOT include the following album? Enjoy the pictures of some of the biggest things we are most thankful for this season, and always.

The myHR Partner Little, Not-So-Little & Furry Scholars of 2015


Kelly Coblentz, Vice President of HR Services

Kelly Coblentz – Vice President of HR Services myHR Partner2015-08-25 08.24.24


Tina Hamilton, President

Tina Hamilton President myHR PartnerRachelH


Courtney Bock Hencken, HR Manager

Courtney Bock Hencken HR Manager myHR PartnerCourtney Bock Hencken HR Manager myHR Partner 


Dana Huber, HR Manager

Dana Huber HR ManagermyHR PartnermyHRBlog2015-1-15


Michelle Kessler, Senior HR Manager

Michelle Kessler Senior HR ManagermyHR PartnermyHRBlog2015-1-14


Jennifer Minor, Office Administrator

Jennifer Minor myHR Partner IncmyHRBlog2015-1-12


Margo Trott Mukkulainen, Director of Marketing

staff-margob2s2015 (1 of 1)-7


Mary Novak, HR Generalist

Mary Novak HR Generalist myHR PartnerMary's-kids-collage-3


Jacquie Petko, HR Generalist

Jacquie Petko HR GeneralistmyHR PartnermyHRBlog2015-1-13


Johanna Ulicny, HR Manager

Johanna Ulicny HR Manager myHR Partnerb2s2015 (1 of 1)-2


LaVette Whaley, HR Assistant

LaVette Whatley, HR Assistant myHR PartnermyHRBlog2015-1-10


Tina Zaun, HR Generalist

Tina Zaun HR Generalist myHR Partnerb2s2015 (1 of 1)-9
What a fantastic album, huh? We appreciate our team, and all that they do for myHR Partner, and their families. Which brings us to:

Our Employee Retention Tip of the Month:

“Make a point to express your gratitude to your employees,” says Tina. “Appreciation is one of the simplest things we can express as employers that can create a postive work environment for everyone, and yet it is often overlooked or forgotten.” Sincerely acknowledging the contributions of your employees on a regular basis will go a long way in building a stronger team and retaining the talent you work so hard to cultivate in your organization.

Happy Thanksgiving, from the entire myHR Partner Team!


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