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Using Social Media for Passive Recruiting: Tina Hamilton Offers Expert Advice

Posted on: July 24th, 2014 | Category: News & Media, Our Blog

Lehigh Valley Business myHR Partner profile Oct 2013 Lehigh Valley Business recently shared advice from myHR Partner President Tina Hamilton on how to use social media to find passive candidates. What are passive candidates, you ask? According to the article:

‘When you get to passive candidates, that’s best. People that are not necessarily looking but may be highly qualified. Linkedln gives more of an opportunity than sites that only have active people who are looking.’ Because of Linkedin’s networking capability, employers can spread the word about job openings. Hamilton, who is based in Allentown, advises employers to always look at a person’s network and friends and to join any group that may be specific to their industry or area. ‘If I’m contacting somebody, I might say to them, ‘If you or anyone you know might be inter- ested, please feel free to share this;’ she said.

passive recruiting - myHR Partner
(The article “Using social media in recruiting, hiring”  can be found on the website.)

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