In this video President and CEO of MyHR Partner, a human resources outsourcing firm, Tina Hamilton, dives into the best aspects of HR and why she loves doing what she does. Tina oversees and manages all of the operations, and services clients in 34 states across the country. She is consistently finding new ways of attracting, retaining, and keeping people happy. There are so many ways of doing that and Tina explains it as a “never ending learning process of thinking forward and moving forward”. Tina believes that how a company manages HR is equal to how the culture of the organization will thrive.

During the video Tina expresses that “the best part of human resources is how it can align with the company’s vision and mission to help it reach its full potential”. When all is said and done it is the people in the organization that make things happen and those people need to be happy and know that they are cared about.

She further goes on to explain how MyHR Partner can help any organization in many different ways. If an organization has no HR department and needs one, MyHR can come in and implement a full HR solution and manage it for them. MyHR can also help hire and train new hires for the client if they feel they need to hire inside the company. Companies that already have HR can outsource any projects or processes to MyHR for hands-on support. Hope you enjoyed getting to know Tina Hamilton and HR.