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It’s January, the best time to hire. How many of those new hires do you think will fail?

Posted on: January 14th, 2016 | Category: Employee On-boarding, Hiring Methodology, hiring process, How To Hire Good Employees, Human Resources, Our Blog, Talent Management

avoiding bad hires

January is the best time to hire, they say. It makes sense because that is when holiday festivities are over, new budgets are in place and resolutions/goals to improve are fresh in everyone’s minds.

MISSION: Go get that new talent!

But just because you want to hire great talent, doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll get. According to an eye-opening article in Forbes, researchers reported in 2013 that of the 20,000 new hires they tracked, a whopping 46 percent of them failed within 18 months on the job. Of those who failed, 89 percent of the time it was for what they called “attitudinal deficits”. The issues weren’t with their skill levels, but with things like:

    • being too difficult to coach
    • lack of motivation
    • problematic temperament
    • low levels of emotional intelligence 

Is this what you see in your dealings with new hires? You’re not alone if you do. Avoiding bad hires requires a focused approach all the way through the process. But, while running the day-to-day functions of a successful business, employers and managers are not always able to create and manage a hiring process that is effective. This can lead to an impulsive, impatient or wishful-thinking-inspired hiring decision, rather than a thoughtful, strategic and informed one. When the goal is a successful hire, haste will definitely make waste.

When a new hire fails, who’s really to blame? Is it the new employee who didn’t deliver on his or her claims, or the employer who didn’t get it right during the hiring or recruiting process?

Use better hiring practices, get better results

Don’t wait for the next we-needed-it-filled-yesterday position to open up at your company before you improve your hiring practices. The time to do it is now. Our hiring management services get results, and our fees are based only on the work we do, never on a per-hire basis, so your company’s best long-term interests are always our focus. myHR Partner also offers myHR DirectLink  to help you support those great hires by implementing an outsourced human resources service. We can, but to help you develop existing in-house talent and improve your company culture in ways that increase overall performance and productivity.

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