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Workplace Violence Still Making Headlines, Still an Urgent HR Issue

Posted on: September 28th, 2012 | Category: Employee Relations, Employment Administration, HR Training Programs, Human Resources, Our Blog, Terminations

Minn. Office Shooting hireVision HR newsYet another violent workplace tragedy has splashed across the nation’s headlines yesterday, this time in Minneapolis. Five people are reported dead and three injured. Much like the recent shootings at the Empire State Building in New York City and the Old Bridge, NJ, supermarket that we blogged about just three weeks ago, this incident in Minnesota leaves us all with a terrible sense of sadness and concerns for our own safety at work.

“While we wait for the details to emerge about the situation, and we still do not know if the shooter was in anyway associated with the sign-making company where the killings took place, we do know that everyone there, everyone who works there is going to be deeply effected,” says hireVision’s president and CEO, Tina Hamilton, PHR. “These events are reminders that HR needs to be regularly trained and ready to respond to such events in order to assure that the well-being and emotional needs of the employees are met, and that the company can respond appropriately to the families and those effected.”

What employers and HR professionals everywhere can learn from this is that workplace violence and safety measures are too important to neglect. There are steps company’s can take to help reduce the risks, things like:

Creating emergency plans that include clear communication and evacuation strategies
Training all employees in harassment, bullying, and overall employee relations, including how to possibly diffuse cases that may be potentially violent “payback” scenarios, which can happen in workplace settings
Performing good, solid background checks when hiring, whenever possible and appropriate
Prohibiting weapons and firearms on all company property for non-security personnel, whenever possible by law
Training employees and managers in how to recognize and respond to emergency situation and report them to the proper authrities quickly
Carefully listening to references for job candidates being considered for positions, and taking note of exactly what is said, how something is said and what is left unsaid
Instituting a workplace violence policy and putting it in employee handbooks
Establishing a means of reporting issues for employees (and if need be customers) that they would feel comfortable enough to actually use
Training managers on how to detect, circumvent and deal with intimidating, threatening or violent behaviors from within the workforce itself

HR Outsourcing Can Help Make a Better Workplace

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