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You’re probably scaring off prime candidates with a lousy “careers” page on your website

Posted on: May 25th, 2017 | Category: How To Hire Good Employees, Our Blog

career pages and employer brand applicant attractionHey, 2007 called. It just took a look at your website and wants it’s careers page back. Yes. We went there, but only because employer brand is so much more important than most companies realize, Boring, outdated, bland or phony-sounding career pages are often a missed opportunity to impress top talent.

The proliferation of transparency brought on by social media and workplace-centric solutions like Glassdoor means that candidates can smell a phony company story a mile away.

That means if you’ve still got the stock photos and old company values up, as well as offering visitors to your careers site nothing but a listing of jobs, you’re in trouble.
That’s why an emerging talent trend in 2017 is recruitment marketing, loosely defined as a collection of services and products designed to help you put your company’s best foot forward to candidates who might want to work for you.
Revamp your image using some of the tools in the emerging recruitment marketing suite and candidates will consider your company’s story as more real/authentic/desirable, which translates to increased candidate engagement as well as better conversion in the classic apply/interview/hire recruiting funnel.
If you’re new to the recruitment marketing game, here are the things you need to think about to upgrade your careers brand and keep up with the times.


Applicant attraction and employer brand

“Your website and career pages are critical components to your recruiting program, and they have to both reflect who you are and why you are a great place to work,” says Tina Hamilton, PHR, president of myHR Partner. “Your career pages have to be dynamic and compelling enough to assist in your talent acquisition goals all the time, to create a flow of high-quality candidates. Otherwise, you are starting any hiring process a few steps behind the competition.”

Creating engaging online career content that shows your organization in the best light is worth the effort. It shows prospective candidates how they will personally benefit from (or even just enjoy) being a part of your team. If they can see themselves working for you, they are more likely to apply for positions.

To help create this kind of response to your career page, you might want to consider these steps:

  • Ditch the stock pictures and use some professionally taken photos of your team in action, or of your best office assets, such as a cheery break room, sunny workspaces or a stylish reception area. Even showing your best products and/or state-of-the-art equipment that team members have access to can inspire applicants.
  • Include short profiles or stories that focus on achievements by team members, individually or as a group. Make prospective candidates feel like they want to be a part of your world.
  • Update the content frequently. It’s part of a long-term goal of showing an engaging company culture, and it is worth it. Trust us.
  • Share the content off site. Social media and email marketing campaigns make it possible to spread your applicant-attracting content around. Don’t let that opportunity pass.
  • Enlist your current team to help share and contribute to career page content. Make them aware of your career page updates and ask for feedback. If they like something about working for you, why not let them share their enthusiasm? They are some of your best brand ambassadors.

No time to develop a better employer brand? Call the pros.

Today’s job seekers want a positive company culture and reputation. An effective employer brand can convince them to seek a position with your company to find those workplace ideals. It is a powerful recruitment tool. Most companies understand this. Large ones can dedicate marketing communications and HR professionals to it. But most small- and mid-sized businesses cannot, which can put you at a disadvantage.

It’s not a matter of if applicants will check out your organization’s reputation and brand. It’s a matter of what they see when they do.

myHR Partner is offering an exciting new service called Applicant Attraction to help you leverage your organization in today’s recruiting environment. To find out more, contact us today.

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