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You’re the Boss, Not the Ref. Try Annie’s Simple Supervisory Solution.

Posted on: March 14th, 2013 | Category: Employee Relations, HR Training Programs, Human Resources, Our Blog, Talent Management

feeling like a referee when dealing with employee conflictsMary and Joe were arguing…AGAIN? Annie couldn’t believe it.  Was the smell of Mary’s perfumed lotion really worth fighting over?!  Last week the battle topic was the tone of Joe’s voice when he talked to Mary in a staff meeting!  Sometimes Annie felt like a referee more than a supervisor.  Last time she checked, they were in a professional work environment, not a high school classroom!

This couldn’t be the only way to work together.

Annie knew there had to be some way to get Mary and Joe on the right path.  They didn’t have to be friends—she laughed at the thought of it, knowing that’d be way too much to ask—but they did need to stay focused, meet their goals, and work together respectfully.  After talking with her longtime mentor (a hireVision client himself), she learned that hireVision’s “Build Your Best Team” training workshop could be brought in-house and customized for her company’s problems, which sounded exactly like the right solution, considering the types of issues she’d been facing!

Take the first steps

Annie was almost embarrassed when telling her hireVision training specialist about the employee relations issues she’d been dealing with, but she felt immediate relief when she learned that there were other companies who had also encountered similar challenges.  Her training specialist first provided some helpful industry information to put her issues into a normal context, and then Annie learned some practical takeaways to get the childish interpersonal struggles under control.  With the personalized templates and step-by-step processes she got from the training class, coupled with the individualized follow-up support she’d signed on for, Annie was able to build her supervisory confidence.  She put Mary and Joe on a path to success by setting clear expectations, establishing accountabilities, and following through.  She’d thought it was easier said than done, but with hireVision’s help, the “doing” itself became easy!

Annie was so uplifted by the results she saw within her team (It was like her job had just magically gotten easier!)  that she signed on for a customized, monthly “Lunch and Learn” manager’s training series.  This HR stuff wasn’t half bad, she thought, when she saw how it could work for her!

To learn more about hireVision’s April 4th “Build Your Best Team” Training Session, click here.


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