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If hiring is so important, shouldn’t it be done right?

With outsourced hiring management, we get to know your business, your culture and your hiring needs. We do the hard work of building an effective hiring strategy for your openings. Yes, a strategy. Not just tactical job filling.

Then we do it all for you. We write ads, screen resumes, conduct video or phone interviews, do background and reference checks, attend job fairs and more. And because we’re HR experts and well-versed in hiring across industries, we know the secrets to finding the right candidates—even if they’re not looking for you.

We’re not a headhunter, recruiter, staffing service or call center that often works from a preexisting database of candidates and charges placement fees to fill a position. Instead, we’re an extension of your team, helping you hire the right people for the right seats on the bus—at the right time. All candidates are yours – you can hire as many as you like. We can also provide an applicant tracking system so you can accept resumes in a professional manner and track the progress of your applicants.

In the end, we are compensated only for the work we do, not a fee per placement. This keeps your best interest in mind and our costs considerably lower.

Be a smart HR shopper

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Outsourced hiring management for your ongoing needs

If you wait until the day you need new employees, it’s already too late. We’ll develop a program to source great candidates continually so when you have an opening, you will have quality candidates to review.

We’ll help you constantly be several steps ahead whenever you need to bring on new team members. Will that save time, hassles and stress? Yes, yes and yes.

Hiring is expensive. Let us help you get it right the first time

With our continual hiring management services, you get:

  • A focused, strategic and professional approach to hiring
  • Cost savings on large hiring projects. You can hire as many screened applicants as you want for the same fee
  • A modern approach to hiring including social media sourcing and applicant attraction efforts
  • Video interviewing to provide a better picture of each candidate and the ability to interview 24/7
  • Access to our applicant tracking system used by top companies around the globe
  • The benefit of a team integrated into the process—and flexible to scale to your needs
  • Access to applicants in their true form, since our goal is to help you make successful hires, versus earning a placement fee
  • Background verifications and comprehensive reference checking
  • Impartial skills assessments
  • Behavioral assesments

Overall, it’s a more cost-effective process at a fraction of the cost of a staffing service or headhunter. Contact us today!

Your team deserves five-star HR. Start today.