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Elevate your business with myHR Partner's comprehensive services. With myHR Partner, you enjoy the advantage of a dedicated three-person HR team and access to specialists, working in harmony to drive your success.

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Our Unique Approach, Your HR Success

With myHR Partner, you'll experience a unique client service approach that combines deep cultural integration, a multi-tiered team, and specialized HR support services.

Deep Cultural Integration

Merging seamlessly, we align with your culture, ensuring our partnership feels natural and effortless.

Triple-Layered Expertise

An HR Director, HR Manager, and HR Generalist, all passionately devoted to crafting and driving your HR strategy and execution. Your indispensable trio.

HR Specialist Access

Beyond your core team, you'll benefit from our specialists in hiring, compliance, payroll administration, and more, whenever needed.

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How We Can Help

Your Partner in HR Excellence

Here at myHR Partner, we promise to stand beside you, aligning with your culture and business objectives to become a natural extension of your team. You can dive into your core operations as we ensure your HR needs are meticulously managed. We also document all your HR processes into a comprehensive guide, ensuring it is always kept up to date.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Transparency every step of the way
  • Seamless integration within your culture
  • Relief from HR-related anxieties
  • Expertise on hand for tricky HR situations
  • Growth fueled by a stable, dedicated team
  • Responsiveness that keeps us connected and efficient
Two HR professionals with tools ready to help.

Who We Help

Diverse businesses have unique needs. Our tailored human resources solutions empower and enable growth across varied sectors and organizational structures.

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Why Consider Outsourced HR Services?

From hiring to employee relations to compliance, HR is complex, time-consuming, and requires expertise. With myHR Partner as your partner, you will feel confident in and supported by your HR team.  After all, your employees are your most valuable asset, so an investment in them is critical to your success. Here is just a sampling of how you and your business will benefit from partnering with myHR Partner:

  • Outsource a few or many HR services; it’s up to you. myHR Partner allows you to customize the HR tasks you outsource.
  • You will be informed, equipped, and prepared for regulation changes.
  • Experience boosted employee relations and talent attraction.
  • Spend less time on HR and more time managing and growing your business!
  • You will have obtained an HR team without increasing overhead.
  • Receive continuous HR support with our dedicated team approach.
  • Your managers and/or employees will have an objective, third-party HR expert for assistance and guidance.
  • You may scale up your outsourced HR services with myHR Partner as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

HR outsourcing is securing human resource services and expertise from sources outside your company. In our whitepaper 'The Complete Guide to Outsourcing HR' we dive into everything you need to know about trusting your organization's HR to a third party. From when companies should consider outsourcing HR services to concerns companies have about outsourced HR to what to look for an in HR partner, it covers it all. Whether we are ultimately the right partners to work together, or you go another route, we want to make sure you approach outsourcing with the information you need to make the best choice for your organization.

When you hire myHR Partner, we get to know you and determine together what services make sense for you. In some cases, we are talking our clients down from all they think they need. We will look at what stage you are in your growth, your plans and goals for the coming year and years ahead, and what issues are most pressing. Not everyone needs everything right off the bat. We can take it slow and add services as they make sense, or simply support your current needs.

Then we apply our team's extensive formal HR education and years of experience. You'll receive top-notch insights into how to improve your workplace, streamline your HR and adopt best practices. We will recommend only what will help you succeed.

The short answer to your question is yes! We are very experienced and adept at blending into your environment and taking on whatever HR services you need us to.

Our team members are required to have, at minimum, a formal education in HR as well as hands-on experience, a tremendous work ethic, an exceptional focus on customer service, and the ability to integrate into various cultures. We’ll identify your exact needs and then assign our team members who are best qualified to assist based on their HR expertise. They’ll work in your systems, culture, and environment as an extension of your internal team.

Part of what we do is consult, yes. But what sets us apart from most consultants is that we actually do the work, too. We don't offer HR advice or guidance and then leave you trying to figure out how to get it done. We handle everything from big HR strategy to the smallest employee details. In addition, we have a team approach to managing your HR. This means that you are not at the mercy of one person's style and experiences. Also, we have specialists on staff to tap into. Our service is typically much more robust than that which consultants provide, for often the same level of investment.

Check out 'Which Outsourced HR option is Best for Your Business?' to learn more about how we differ from HR consultants, as well as PEOs, HR Management Software, and other outsourcing options.

There are many key differences between PEOs and outsourced HR firms- differences with seismic implications for your expenses, bottom line, structure, culture, and future overall.

In a PEO, your employees become the PEO's employees and the PEO leases them back to you. You pay the PEO a fee based on salariesÐwhich means your fees increase as you reward your employees with higher pay. A PEO does help manage some aspects of HR, benefits, payroll, and workers' compensation. There are still HR tasks that you have to do on your end.

But that's not us. We don't lease your employees back to you; your employees stay yours. We support you and your culture and take on your HR needs while giving you flexibility and control. (By the way, if you think a PEO sounds good, check out our white paper, 'Seven Things a PEO Won't Tell You'.)

There are lots of variables that go into determining the cost. Each relationship is different and unique, so your investment will reflect your exact needs. (By the way, if someone gives you an estimate after a short phone conversation or after you complete an online form, be very worried!) You can read about our unique pricing approach here.

You will love the way that we staff in order to manage your costs. You will be assigned a team consisting of an HR Director, HR Manager, and HR Generalist. Each is at a different rate, and we manage work so that you are only ever investing in the level of work that is being performed. No more, no less.

We'll walk you through our proposal, break down the costs and make sure you understand them. We want to be as transparent as possible, so you have complete comfort in what you're getting for the price. We want a long-term relationship with you. Our clients have communicated to us that we treat their investment as if it were our own investment.

For more information on how various outsourced HR options price and what questions to ask yourself and potential partners when exploring options, you will find it helpful to read 'How Much Does It Cost to Outsource HR?'

HR functions are one of the most common services to outsource, because it can result in cost savings, free up time, and, when done well, enhance substantial business growth.

Outsourcing HR does not have to be an 'all or nothing' decision. myHR Partner, for example, is available to take on all or a portion of an organization's HR functions, as desired. HR services that can be outsourced include hiring, compliance management, employee relations, management counsel, payroll administration, benefits administration, employee onboarding and offboarding, and more. We also tackle HR projects for clients, such as HR department set-up, job description creation, compensation analysis, employee handbook creation or updating, etc.

Our 'Indispensable HR Outsourcing Buyer's Guide' shares not only what can be outsourced, but what options are out there for businesses, and great questions to ask when exploring your options.

Human Resources (HR) is a critical function first and foremost because your people are your most valuable investment. From hiring to employee engagement to compliance, and so much more, HR is complex and requires the right touch, experience, and knowledge.

Benefits of outsourcing HR range from reduced costs, freed up time for your leaders to focus on the business rather than HR, improved hiring, strengthened compliance, access to best-in-class HR practices and so much more. Our 'Benefits of Outsourcing HR- An Overview' provides more detail.

But, don't just take our word for it. To read firsthand how outsourced HR helped organizations grow and thrive, check out our page with case studies and client testimonials!


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