Seamless Client Onboarding with myHR Partner

Every successful journey begins with a strong foundation. At myHR Partner, our onboarding process ensures that our partnership starts on the right foot, tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

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Immersive, Deep Dive Experience

From the outset, our dedicated team immerses itself in your unique organizational landscape, thoroughly assessing the present state of your HR, learning your organization’s culture, acknowledging your strengths, and pinpointing growth opportunities. Throughout our relationship, we will stay attuned to the pulse of your business, collaboratively addressing immediate concerns while strategically working towards future goals, forging a partnership that truly understands and integrates with your vision.

Comprehensive Collaboration and Documentation

Responsiveness and clear communication form the backbone of our collaboration. From the start, we work together to establish consistent and preferred communication methods as well as ensure we have secure and seamless access to all necessary systems.

Post our initial deep dive, we craft a dynamic, tailored plan for supporting your HR needs and opportunities. Our documentation of plans and processes is meant to keep everyone on the same page and moving in lockstep. We find that a personalized roadmap not only streamlines HR operations but also fosters a seamless, cohesive working rhythm, adaptable by anyone on the team, anytime, keeping us all synchronized and goal-aligned.

In addition, we document your HR-related processes for you in a one-of-a-kind process guide. This living document is kept up to date, ensuring continuity and adaptability. 

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Strong Relationships

For us, partnership transcends typical client-vendor boundaries. Through initial orientation meetings, we aim to familiarize your employees (to the extent you wish us to) with our role, fostering trust and openness. It's about building mutual understanding and rapport, ensuring alignment, and setting the stage for a collaborative, effective relationship with all members involved, as per your preference.

Unfaltering Support, Whatever the HR Challenge

Your business landscape is dynamic, and we're here to navigate every fluctuation. With myHR Partner, you gain an ever-responsive core HR team bolstered by HR specialists. We're more than support; we're your steadfast collaborators, anticipating and addressing challenges with empathy and expert insight.

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Johanna Ulicny, SHRM-CP

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