Payroll Administration

Accurate, Dependable Outsourced Payroll Management and Administration

Our expert payroll administration guarantees reliability, precision, and confidentiality at every step. We seamlessly work with your chosen payroll vendor, handling every internal aspect of the payroll process. Entrust your payroll to us, and focus on propelling your business forward.

Precise Administration, Proven Results

In payroll, every detail counts. Check out the stats — they're a clear shout out to the flexibility, knowledge, comfort, and experience we bring our clients.


Extensive knowledge and expertise in over a dozen payroll systems


Very strict protocols ensuring complete confidentiality amongst your employees


Experience serving clients with employees in 30+ states through the US

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Our Payroll Expertise

myHR Partner will take on every aspect of payroll administration, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and total compliance.  We work with your current payroll provider (or help you find one, if needed) as we handle the following:

  • Managing timesheets/time clocks and over time pay
  • Entering weekly/biweekly/monthly payroll
  • Managing commissions, bonuses and additional pay
  • Managing paid time off
  • Managing employee deductions
  • Administering payroll changes (adding new employees, terminating employees, and adjusting records)
  • Researching and entering pay for special situations
  • Paying 1099 contractors
  • Calculating pro-rated pay & retroactive pay
  • Processing and managing garnishments
  • Calculating final pay for terminations
  • Generating W2s
  • Supporting year-end compliance
  • Facilitating state tax filing setup
  • Auditing (EE tax set up, company tax filings, etc.)
  • Running general and financial reports (audits, headcount reports, etc.)
  • Creating training documents
  • Saving documentation for all payroll changes
  • Sourcing new payroll vendors or auditing existing ones
  • Entering 401(k) deferral changes & loan repayments
  • Managing direct deposit failures/pay corrections
  • Answering employee questions

The Clear Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Management

Elevate your organization with our specialized, outsourced payroll administration.


Navigating through local, state and federal laws, we ensure payroll compliance.


Maintaining your confidentiality is our priority. Salary details, promotions, terminations, etc. are confidential and not shared among employees.


Our team's expertise extends beyond systems, payroll taxes, and year-end duties, effortlessly addressing multifaceted concerns.


With unwavering dedication, we prioritize timeliness, ensuring payroll is on time, every time.


Our meticulous process ensures accuracy, so you're always confident in your payroll's precision.


Documentation is key. We ensure all payroll processes are meticulously documented, paving the way for streamlined operations.

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in Payroll Systems

No need to switch your payroll system. We come experienced in over a dozen platforms, but if yours is new to us, we’ll adapt and master it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Payroll administration encompasses all the responsibilities related to processing the wages of employees in a company or organization, while ensuring accuracy and compliance. We handle all the internal portions of payroll processing that your payroll company does not handle. That includes processing taxes and other deductions, calculating bonuses and commission payments, managing quarterly and year-end taxes, onboarding and offboarding employees, responding to inquires, resolving issues, and much more.

Yes, payroll administration is one of our most popular services. Even companies with in-house HR often outsource payroll administration, freeing up time for other HR services to be handled in-house. And, additional benefits of outsourcing payroll administration, aside from freeing up time, include confidentiality, reliability, expertise and compliance.

Nope! We are experienced in over a dozen platforms and do not require you what you to change from what is working for you. Now, if you want to change, we can also assist with that!

Time saved, reliability, confidentiality, compliance, accurate and thorough records, process documentation- the list can go on! The most popular reason is that by outsourcing, no one in the company has access to the salaries of the management staff and otherwise.

Sure thing! One of our clients, Vicente, recently partnered with us on a case study showcasing how we helped turn their payroll administration into a well-oiled machine despite many unique challenges. From their uncommon payroll methodology to their many locations throughout the US to limited payroll software providers in their industry, they were in a challenging spot before partnering with myHR Partner. "Working with myHR Partner saves us tremendously, financially speaking. It's much more efficient than taking payroll administration in-house," Taji, their Director of HR, says. "As a company that likes to operate lean, outsourcing helps our quest to remain nimble and efficient."


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