Tailored Outsourced HR Services, Custom Pricing

At myHR Partner, we craft HR solutions designed for your unique business needs. Discover the true value behind our personalized pricing approach.

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Key Factors that Influence Your HR Investment

At myHR Partner, we recognize each business's unique DNA and needs. Eschewing a one-size-fits-all mindset, we provide HR solutions that drive growth and provide unparalleled value for your investment.

Factors that guide our tailored approach:

  • Scope of Services: We provide the services you need, custom-fit for you.
  • Company Size: Whether you're a small or mid-sized business or organization, employee size matters in shaping effective HR solutions.
  • Number of States: Operating across multiple states presents various complexities we would address.
  • Industry: Every industry has its unique quirks and considerations, and our approach respects those nuances.
  • Client-Specific Processes: We recognize that each company has unique procedures, operations, and HR ‘starting point’ and ‘gaps’ when beginning to work with us.

Navigating Custom Pricing: A Collaborative Process

Discover how we navigate custom pricing—a truly collaborative process. From initial inquiry to tailored proposal, here's how we craft your HR investment:

  • Discovery Meeting: Our Sales Manager meets with you to discuss your needs and organizational context.
  • In-Depth Analysis: In some cases, a Client Services HR professional joins the conversation to delve into your processes, gaps, and industry-specific considerations.
  • Custom Proposal: Based on our understanding of your wants and needs, we craft a tailored proposal.
  • Collaborative Discussion: We walk you through the proposal, ensuring alignment with your unique requirements.
  • Together We Go: Complete a contract and we kickstart our partnership!
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Tailored Investment, Tangible Benefits

Unlock unparalleled advantages with our custom HR solutions, precisely calibrated to your business's unique needs. Our clients benefit from:

Reduced Risk

Mitigate potential pitfalls and challenges. We provide the groundwork for a secure and compliant workplace.

Improved Time Efficiency

Empower leaders to focus on core business objectives.  Allow in-house HR team members, if applicable, to spend more time on strategy and less time on administrative tasks. 

Cost Effectiveness

Opt for our outsourced services, often more economical than hiring in-house HR, especially for specific tasks like payroll administration and hiring management, etc.

Increased Retention

Foster a workplace environment that values and nurtures talent, resulting in reduced turnover, lower costs and increased productivity and morale.

Enhanced Processes

Revitalize your HR operations with smooth, optimal, and streamlined processes.  We also create a tailored process guide and keep it up to date, so your organization’s processes are always documented, accessible, and able to be scaled with your growth.

Elevated Talent Attraction

Attract top-tier talent for your business, driven in part by superior HR services for your employees.

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