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Unlock Your Full Potential With Outsourced HR Hiring Services

It’s no secret that your most valuable resources are your employees. Therefore, it’s crucial that the hiring for your organization is done exceptionally well, paving the way for your success. That’s where we come in. 

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Rely on our deep knowledge of hiring while you focus on growth

We’re a group of passionate hiring experts who blend into your culture and improve and manage your hiring strategy and process- helping your organization reach new heights. We’re not your typical hiring firm, consultants, headhunters, or recruiters. And we don’t charge placement fees, salary-based commissions, or any commissions!   We’d love to tell you more.

The Power of Quality Hiring Experiences

Success in talent acquisition hinges on the strength of your hiring partner. Explore the compelling statistics that emphasize the vital role a strong hiring experience plays in attracting top talent and improving new hire quality. And learn about our two-decade legacy of excellence in delivering comprehensive hiring services.


Nearly 4 in 5 candidates say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people


Organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve the quality of their new hires by 70%


myHR Partner has been excelling in hiring for our clients for over 20 years

Elevate Your Hiring Journey: Benefits of Outsourcing Hiring to myHR Partner

With myHR Partner as your outsourced hiring agency, you will benefit from:

The X-Factor

Our focus on understanding your organization’s culture and aspirations, in addition to our hiring expertise, will assist us in presenting to you the best possible candidates with the right aptitudes and attitudes, whether for an hourly, professional, or executive position. Our fully customized interview and screening process is second to none.

The Right Focus

We use cost-effective hiring strategies and are compensated only for the work we do. That means our focus is only on hiring the best candidates possible for you, not just ‘filling the job.’ Unlike when you work with recruiters or staffing agencies, you won’t be charged a placement fee or a salary-based commission.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Whether you need to fill a position with one employee or ten, all candidates we find are yours, and you can hire as many as you’d like. Since we don’t impose per-hire fees or salary-based commissions, our model is often significantly more cost-effective in comparison to other hiring vendor options (i.e., staffing services and recruiters) when hiring multiple individuals for a single position.

Hassle-Free Hiring

We create a hiring strategy and handle all or a portion of the execution of it- your choice. We may handle ad creation, application tracking software (ATS) management, sourcing, interviewing, skills assessments, background verifications, reference checking, and more. Our proprietary Hiring Services framework, including our own FullView Phone Interview, plus our constant focus on staying abreast of industry trends and using creative ways to attract candidates in today’s evolving hiring landscape all work in your favor. 

Options Designed for You

We offer two tiers of hiring services, both of which provide the benefits explained above, and which are further customizable to your unique needs- hireUp and hireVision. 

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Ideal for organizations that occasionally hire for hourly roles, such as industrial or administrative positions, professional roles, and/or executive team members. When you partner with us for hireUp we handle all your hiring needs or certain positions- your choice. Regardless, we always provide the five-star benefits noted earlier. With hireUp, you have a hiring partner ready to roll whenever hiring is needed. 


Ideal for organizations that continuously hire or experience seasonal fluctuations in hiring, hireVision is an ongoing collaboration with myHR Partner designed to elevate your growth trajectory. Our partnership revolves around the implementation of world-class hiring strategies and the execution of impeccable hiring processes. Our focus is on your immediate and future hiring needs through the ongoing management of passive and active hiring initiatives. Our collaboration extends to areas such as employer branding, employee turnover analysis, applicant tracking system optimization, and more.

Learn More about hireVision
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How Outsourced Hiring Solutions Can Help

Choosing to outsource hiring for your company can free up a lot of time for your internal teams while also improving the talent you’re able to bring on board. While not all outsourced hiring agencies are the same, a full-service outsourced HR firm with hiring as a core service, such as myHR Partner, can:

  • Create postings that are expertly crafted to appeal to the most qualified candidates and deter unqualified candidates.
  • Manage the hiring process swiftly with strong candidates to try and minimize the duration that the position is open.
  • Facilitate a smooth process for both candidates and hiring managers.
  • Give your hiring managers time back in their days to focus on the core business, rather than hiring.
  • Scale hiring efforts up and down as needed.
  • Excel at finding hires that’ll be a strong fit in terms of aptitude, attitude, and culture- positively impacting employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention.

7 Tips for Finding and Retaining Talent

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is the practice of contracting a third-party provider to handle some or all of the various aspects of the hiring process.  Terms for third parties that you can outsource hiring to that often come to mind are recruiters, contractors, consultants, or staffing services.  As your hiring outsourcing company, myHR Partner employs a different model. 

We are a strategic RPO recruiting partner for our clients, aligning with their cultures and business objectives to provide second-to-none hiring expertise to drive growth.  Outsourcing your hiring to us allows you to take advantage of our experience and expertise, resulting in the hiring of the highest-quality talent while also experiencing cost efficiency, regulatory compliance, and scalability.

Outsourced hiring is hiring someone outside your organization to manage the hiring process for your open positions. Terms that often come to mind are recruiters, contractors, consultants, or staffing services. MyHR Partner employs a different model. We are a strategic partner for our clients, aligning with their cultures and business objectives and providing second-to-none hiring expertise to drive growth.

There are a variety of pricing models used by different types of outsourced hiring providers. It's common for companies to be charged a placement fee or a fee calculated as a percentage of the open position's salary when working with staffing services or recruiters. myHR Partner does not employ those common cost structures. We are only compensated for the work we do, and all candidates we find are yours.

When it comes to hiring, there are a lot of options out there and it can be confusing as to how they differ, or even if they differ. Typically, these various options do differ in terms of how they charge, what their recruitment style is, the scope of services provided, and more. Our article HR Firms vs. Staffing Services vs. Recruiters: Who to Call When You Need to Hire' decodes the differences so you can select what's best for you.

When outsourcing hiring for a small business, it's important to understand your outsourced hiring options, how the various options charge, what questions to ask when vetting your options, and how to prepare for success in-house. Click here to read an article that will help with just that, 'Outsourced Hiring for Small Businesses: What to Consider.'

myHR Partner prides itself on customizing our hiring solutions to the needs of our clients. Hiring needs are unique to each company, so we recommend reaching out today to schedule a consultation, whereby we can discuss your hiring needs and come up with a tailored proposal. Meanwhile, you can rest easy knowing our hiring expertise is vast, our approach is modern, and our goal is to always find the best talent to accelerate your organization's growth.

Kristen Kunath

Kristen Kunath

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