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Your employee handbook
is a valuable company tool.
Put it to work for you!

Employee Handbook

We like to think of an employee handbook as your company’s customized roadmap!

Maintaining a current and comprehensive handbook is an indicator to your incoming and current team members that your company is organized, communicative and invested in the best interest of the people within the organization. Without a solid handbook, there is no clearly communicated direction. With one, there is proof that you supply your team with the pathway to success.

Small Business (2-99 employees)

As a small organization, you have little time—and even fewer resources—to constantly run your organization in a reactive mode. With a solid handbook, all of your desired processes are organized in an easy-to-follow format that is simple to present and refer to. In addition, the handbook helps to reduce your liability, because  federal, state and local regulations are included in this guide.

Current employees can be oriented in the processes and guidelines of your organization. New employees can be welcomed with this guide from day one, resulting in clear communications from the start. And when situations come up, the handbook can serve as a reference tool to guide employees in understanding how things operate.

Mid-Size Company (100-499 employees)

Mid-sized organizations have their own challenges when it comes to keeping up with employment federal, state and local regulations. Often, as the company expands, certain areas are left running as a “small” company. Areas of compliance can easily be overlooked, or may not seem like a top priority as you grow. Based on your company size, you may all of a sudden fall under new requirements and you may not even be aware of the law.

Whether you need a current handbook reviewed and updated, or you simply need to create a handbook from scratch, we are here to help.

Besides changing regulations, mid-sized organizations need to evolve to support their team and its growing needs. This is where we excel! Working with hundreds of companies that find themselves in positions of growth, we are able to offer an array of ideas and best practices to incorporate as we create a custom handbook that meets your unique culture.

Large Corporation (500+ employees)

myHR Partner offers expert assistance in evaluating, updating and adjusting handbooks, even in the most complex of environments. Whether your needs are keeping up with the ever changing requirements of multi-state organizations, making your employee handbook match the specifics of your unique culture, focusing efforts towards your mission or any combination of these goals, we have the experience to help make this happen.

myHR Partner also has experience working with mergers and acquisitions and the blending of two organizational environments as well.

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