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Additional HR Services to Meet Your Needs 

The landscape of HR is broad and diverse, and so is our proficiency. Beyond our core services, discover a wealth of additional services. We draw on our extensive experience to meet the multifaceted needs of your unique organization.

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Unlock The Full Potential of HR: Discover Our Additional Services

While our core HR services are robust, the world of human resources is vast. Explore the additional services that are available to our clients utilizing our core services. Each is a testament to our commitment to meet our clients’ specialized needs.

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

myHR Partner streamlines and manages all aspects of employee onboarding and offboarding, managing every step with precision and care.  

Performance Management

myHR Partner, with vast knowledge of traditional and modern performance management approaches, partners with you to determine which approach aligns best with your culture and goals.  We then set up and manage all processes, so you have an efficient system, training, and more. 

Employee Handbooks

Our comprehensive employee handbooks are crafted to be personalized and unique to your organization, culture, company goals, and overall purpose you seek in designing a handbook. We can also review your current handbook, identify areas of improvement and update it. Each handbook is customized to your specifications. 

Employee Surveys

Workforce feedback is invaluable when collected properly. Managing in-depth electronic and in-person surveys, we are committed to turning every piece of employee feedback into actionable insights. 

Compensation Analysis & Projects

Our thorough compensation analyses results in a detailed report with findings and recommendations. In addition, we can work with you to create employee pay grades and ranges that keep you competitive while honoring your operating budget and other considerations.

HR Audits

Our audit is an excellent method of assessing your current HR processes and programs. Our findings culminate in a comprehensive report and a tailored action plan, emphasizing both immediate rectifications and long-term strategic opportunities.

Job Descriptions

Craft accurate, precise, and compliant job descriptions with myHR Partner. Our comprehensive, modern approach guarantees job descriptions that align with your organizational needs and legal mandates.

HR Department Set-Up

Need to establish HR processes for your organization? We establish pivotal HR processes compliant with federal, state, and local laws, and industry standards. From legally compliant and effective pre-hire and onboarding processes to performance management activities to workers compensation, we provide best practices and direction needed to execute. 

PEO Offboarding

Transition smoothly from a Professional Employer Organization with our PEO offboarding service. We expertly re-hire your staff, establish a new payroll provider, manage all necessary documentation, and more. 

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Because employee handbooks require a complex understand of your workplace, we only develop them as part of larger, ongoing HR Partnership engagements.

If you feel like you're just going through the motions of performance reviews, you're not alone. We're big fans of perpetual performance management that is an on-going process instead of a review once or twice a year. It's easier to course-correct, learn about issues quickly and keep communication lines open. It is also how people have become used to hearing information and feedback. Interested? Let's talk about it.

Our clients are small businesses, mid-sized businesses, nonprofits, and private foundations. In addition, our clients care about their employees, want to have a thriving organization and a positive culture, and work with a partner who is truly invested in their culture and success. Learn more about who we serve here.


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