Employee Relations

Employee Relations: Building Bridges, Nurturing Growth

Employee conflicts? Communication gaps? We're here, bridging divides and fostering understanding.

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myHR Partner: Leading in Employee Relations Excellence

At myHR Partner, we don't just offer solutions; we become an extension of your team, treating your employee relations with the same care and expertise we treat our own. It's about understanding, guidance, and long-term workplace wellbeing.


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Nurturing Workplace Harmony

Discover the comprehensive range of solutions we offer to foster positive employer-employee relationships. You have the choice - we can work directly with your employees as an external support or collaborate with designated individuals within your organization. Either way, myHR Partner is here to champion a harmonious work environment.

  • Proactive employee support for a harmonious workplace
  • Mediate conflicts among coworkers and managers
  • Guide internal career development initiatives
  • Address and resolve all forms of harassment
  • Manage attendance and punctuality challenges
  • Enforce rules, policies, and processes
  • Combat and address discrimination issues
  • Navigate and improve poor performance
  • Assist with cultural integration efforts
  • Enhance overall employee performance
  • Support through change and challenging scenarios
  • Address personal issues impacting performance or attitude.

Empower Your Workforce: Elevate Employee Relations

Empower your employees with responsive, empathetic HR professionals experienced at assisting with concerns and uncertainties. We're here to actively engage, listen, and guide in order to enhance harmony, productivity, and understanding. We don't replace supervisors; instead, we support where and when needed, following your protocols. Whether on-site or remotely via video conferencing, phone, or email, myHR Partner becomes a seamless extension of your team. Your organization will benefit from:

Proactive Problem Solving

Tackle conflicts early, preventing escalation and fostering a peaceful work environment.

Expertise on Demand

Access years of specialized experience without the cost of a full-time hire.

Neutral Third-Party Perspective

Obtain unbiased, objective insights, ensuring fairness and balance in decisions.

Consistent Policy Implementation

Ensure policies are applied consistently, reinforcing trust and reducing legal risks.

Enhanced Employee Trust

Cultivate an environment where employees feel heard, valued, and understood.

Cost-Effective Resource Management

Address issues effectively while saving on potential in-house training and hiring costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Employee relations refers to the relationship between or among an employer and its employees. The goal is to maximize employee satisfaction while protecting your company and advancing its goals. It's impact is felt across team morale, employee retention, productivity, and more.

If you'd like! We can be an 'outside' go-to person for employees, providing them with support. Many employees appreciate having someone outside of their organization to speak with. That said, we can also work with designated people within your company to improve upon your employee relations efforts. It is your choice.

100%. Employee retention is in our wheelhouse. At myHR Partner we approach employee retention from many avenues, such as providing external support for employees, mediating conflicts, guiding internal career development initiatives, and more. Our case study with our client Liquid, brings to life how we got at the heart of their employee retention challenges and helped them achieve the stellar +90% retention they have today.

And, if you're loving our content as much as we do, you may want to check out a recent blog post 'Strategies for Millennial Employee Retention.' We're here to help!

Yes! Employee communication and morale play large roles in employee relations. Looking at an issue with fresh eyes and lots of HR experience can help turn problems into solutions. As we're getting to know you and your culture, we'll give you our honest assessment about what's working and what isn't. Then, we'll help you adopt best practices and put new programs in place. We'll gather employee feedback, too, to track progress. Communication and employee morale are vital to keeping your people happy. We take it as seriously as you do. When your people are happy, we're happy.


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