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Empower your leadership with myHR Partner's unique blend of empathy, tailored HR guidance, and expert insights. We connect and align with your managers, transforming HR challenges into opportunities and improvements.

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Trusted Management Support You Can Lean On

Navigating leadership complexities? See why organizations have trusted our management counsel for over 20 years.


100% tailored, empathetic advice, uniquely shaped by your leader's style and challenges.


In addition to your dedicated, core team, you have access to five HR specialists, each an expert in core HR functions.


100% of our Client Services team members have a formal HR education.

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Management Counsel Tailored to Your Needs

Our management support extends from guiding everyday conversations to navigating complex decisions. Below are examples of how we can support your leadership needs, though our services are not limited to these alone.

  • Guide harmonious communication pathways.
  • Assist with establishing and supporting performance management.
  • Provide strategies to uplift team morale and connectivity.
  • Offer fresh, unbiased guidance on challenging situations.
  • Champion team collaborations.
  • Illuminate paths for precise goal-setting.
  • Provide crucial feedback, aiding in critical decision-making.
  • Make compliance work within your environment.

Why Leaders Choose Outsourced Management Guidance with myHR Partner

Elevate decisions with outsourced management counsel from myHR Partner to receive:

Fresh Perspectives

Neutral, external viewpoints can illuminate new solutions to old and new challenges.

Reliable Support

Available for managers to assist with everything from daily nuances to pivotal moments; we're steadfast.

Assured Compliance

Navigating complexities with us ensures legal and regulatory requirements are accounted for.

Managerial Growth

Enhanced leadership skills, empowering managers to excel and inspire their teams.


Prompt in action, we address managerial concerns with speed and precision.

Expert Guidance

Partner with seasoned HR specialists, bringing depth and expertise to every interaction.

Performance Boost

Elevate team morale and productivity through strategic counsel and action.

Increased Employee Retention

Strengthen staff morale and loyalty, reducing turnover and saving expense.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Management counsel, or management support, is the providing of guidance, leadership and a separate perspective to our clients. It can be as simple as a conversation with a manager who is struggling to connect with a colleague. Or assisting with performance evaluation criteria. Or assisting with difficult decisions. With management counsel we are a resource to your leaders. Our expertise, fresh perspective, and neutrality are a few reasons why organizations deeply value our management counsel.

Managers are often busy with the day to day work of running their business or team. They don't always have the knowledge, time or guidance they need for areas such as goal setting, employee morale issues, performance management, etc.

myHR Partner's management counsel service provides best in class support to your managers. We only hire those with a formal HR education and consistently stay up to date on trends, regulations, processes and best practices. We get to know your managers so they can build trust in us and we can work with them within their individual styles.

We are accessible, responsive and flexible to all your management counsel needs. Most importantly, we work with each manager to understand their goals, their style and their challenges- tailoring a solution that is individualized to them and designed for success.

Unlike many HR outsourcing firms, all of our Client Service team members have formal HR educations. In addition, they receive up to 20 hours per year of ongoing education and training to stay up-to-speed on the ever-shifting HR landscape.

Our clients receive not just one dedicated team member, but a team of three, consisting of a Director, Manager and Generalist. In addition to your dedicated team, you have access to HR specialists in areas such as compliance, hiring, and more.

With myHR Partner you can expect innovative solutions and a relationship that fosters genuine trust and care. We are your forward-thinking guides and empathetic allies.

Management counsel embodies many aspects of management. From hiring to discipline, performance management, layoffs or reductions in force, terminations, team morale, communication, and more. With management counsel, your managers always have an accessible, responsive and helpful HR expert to turn to.


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