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Exit and stay interviews

Driving bottom-line results requires improving employee turnover rates, reducing lost productivity and eliminating wasteful business practices

Exit interview engagements are only offered as part of our comprehensive HR outsourcing package, not as a stand-alone service.

Many organizations invest in employee engagement tools and processes as a primary retention tool. We absolutely agree with the value of these tools. Yet in the wrong context, a purely engagement-focused approach can be like treating only the symptoms of an illness and never searching for the cure.

When it comes to improving employee turnover rates, reducing lost productivity and eliminating wasteful business practices, data is essential. This type of data is available through exit and stay interviews.

Exit Interviews (Note: We are not taking on new exit interview clients at this time.)

One-on-one phone interviews are powerful tools for gathering intelligence about employees’ experiences at your organization—what worked, what did not, what was great, what was not. These valuable employee insights, gathered over time, then measured and analyzed, are a wise investment and business practice for mid-sized and large organizations. And when conducted by HR professionals, the data becomes even more candidly delivered and expertly analyzed.

It matters a lot that our HR staff is an outsourced third party with no agendas or preconceived notions about your employees’ experiences. Our only focus is to gain trust and gather real-time data. It means you are taking all steps to assure your investment will pay off with real information you can use to make real changes.

Our expert team performs your work in an engaging manner, making the caller comfortable to open up. When the caller opens up, we take the opportunity (and the time) to draw out valuable information. We cannot guarantee that each caller will be willing to take the time or even take our calls, so we only charge real-time increments for each call.

Stay Interviews

These interviews are conducted at intervals throughout a new hire’s first year of employment and beyond. The process is similar to the exit interview. You will see a dual benefit: Problem areas can be acted upon to enhance employee retention, and you will have an opportunity to prevent future issues.

With this information, the goal of reducing turnover can be achieved by learning from new hire experiences, then adjusting practices and functions to optimize talent retention. Are new hires feeling welcome in your organization? Are they feeling assured that their job duties match their original perception? Are they getting along with their supervisors and co-workers? Are they receiving enough training? These questions can be answered, along with many more.

Deliverables and Results

We will gather the data and create benchmarks, address the urgent issues expediently, continue the exit and/or stay interview process, and watch as you measure real-time data and the effectiveness of your changes.

We are prepared to handle projects of various sizes. Do not confuse us with a call center. By using our services, you will receive a professionally administered, effective and efficient HR solution for long-term results.

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