Some call it HR outsourcing.
We call it HR partnering.

Who We Are

We perform the HR work. We manage the HR processes. You consider it handled.

Stop putting off difficult HR decisions or avoiding HR issues because they’re a pain in the you-know-what. Call us instead. Our team is ready to help you handle all of your HR needs or specific processes or projects. We’ll provide the expertise and resources to make HR work for you instead of against you.

We even aim to provide a little fun. We are HR help the way you like it: on someone else’s desk.

Our Story

Tell Me More!

myHR Partner started in 2002 with a simple, singular goal: fixing what is often a broken hiring process. We started offering hiring management services. We made it easier for companies to find and hire great people.

But afterward we noticed that many companies did not have basic HR functions in place. So we asked ourselves: “How do we provide HR services and HR support to keep these new hires productive and happy?” Logical question!

So we started helping out with employee surveys. That expanded into employee handbooks and job descriptions. They loved it. In fact, we discovered that the more we helped our clients, the more HR support they wanted. Lots more. It became apparent that the demand for a fuller, more hands-on HR service was desperately needed.

In essence, these businesses were asking us to become an HR extension of their organizations. So we rolled up our sleeves. In January 2008, we rolled out myHR DirectLinka full-service HR outsourcing option to complement the HR processes and projects we were already handling. In our eyes, we were merely responding to our clients’ needs. We had no idea how our novel concept would catch on.

HR has become even more complex and important since then. Our talented team members are committed to keeping our clients a step ahead of change.

Today, our services are offered nationwide. We are proud of our successes and enjoy the recognition we have received. Our greatest reward, however, is the opportunity to give back. We do so by supporting many non-profit organizations and addressing the needs within our local community and beyond. We believe that if you do your best, you bring out the best in others — in business and in the community.

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myHR Partner’s periodic publication, MODERN EMPLOYER, is created for business executives, owners and HR professionals who want to maximize their human resource functions using progressive hiring and HR strategies. It’s informative, fun and practical. Oh, and it’s FREE too!

You’ll discover:

  • Tips on hiring, screening, and interviewing
  • Creative ideas to help retain your best employees
  • Ways to put the “human” back in Human Resources
  • How to perform effective reference checks
  • New HR regulations and how they affect you and your employees
  • How small changes in certain processes can have big results
  • How to tell when partnering with an outside provider is in your best interest
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