Some call it HR outsourcing,
we call it HR partnering.


myHR Partner provides modern HR services offered in segmented processes, or as a full service.

We are modern because we keep it real.  We don’t expect everything to be black and white.

We perform the work. We manage the process. You consider it handled.
Our skilled and educated HR team integrates into your culture and delivers hands-on support. It’s an uncomplicated methodology that allows for an affordable investment and gives you peace of mind.

We even aim to provide a little fun. We are HR help the way you like it, on someone else’s desk.

Our Story

Tell Me More!

hireVision Group, Inc., the parent company to myHR Partner and myLink Hotline Services, started in 2002 with a goal of fixing what is often a broken hiring process. We call this Hiring Management Services.

It didn’t take long for us to grow. We soon realized that while our hiring management processes were impactful, many clients were asking us, “But what about after the hire?” So, we seized upon our start-up energy and added à la Carte HR services as a means to help our clients one step further.

Over the next seven years, our company grew across the East Coast, and in various states nationwide. As we grew, so did the needs of our clients.

Circa 2007, we discovered that the more we helped, the more our clients asked for additional partnership services. It became apparent that the demand for a fuller, more hands-on HR service was desperately needed, specifically in the areas of performing employee relations and HR Administration Support. In essence, these businesses were asking us to become an HR extension of their organizations. So we rolled up our sleeves, and in January 2008, we rolled out myHR DirectLink.

At the same time, we became focused on serving academia with our unique services. This led to the birth of myLink Hotline Services, which soon expanded to offer student ombudsman services.

In the Fall of 2013, hireVision separated into two companies, myHR Partner to better define our HR service offerings and myLink Hotline Services.

Today, many of our services are offered across the country, with our on-site specific services available to clients in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York areas.

We are proud of our successes and enjoy the recognition we receive in the form of awards and requests for speaking engagements, as well as quotes and interviews in local and national publications. Our greatest reward, however, is the opportunity to be able to give back. We do so by supporting many non-profit organizations and addressing the needs within our local community, and beyond.

Finally, we’d like to say a word about the people who make up our team.  They are not just great, they are extraordinary! The recognition and accolades bestowed upon hireVision from those that work with our team are truly testimonials to how we practice what we preach: Do your best to bring out the best in others.  In full disclosure, our team totally rocks!

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myHR Partner’s periodic publication, MODERN EMPLOYER, is created for business executives, owners and HR professionals who want to maximize their human resource functions using progressive hiring and HR strategies. It’s informative, fun and practical. Oh, and it’s FREE too!

You’ll discover:

  • Tips on hiring, screening, and interviewing
  • Creative ideas to help retain your best employees
  • Ways to put the “human” back in Human Resources
  • How to perform effective reference checks
  • New HR regulations and how they affect you and your employees
  • How small changes in certain processes can have big results
  • How to tell when partnering with an outside provider is in your best interest
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