We all have a role in ending systemic racism

Racism has been a horrible part of the lives of many of our team members and our clients’ staffs, not to mention tens of millions of people in this country. Very sadly, this is nothing new. 

Tolerance of racism and discrimination at any level is not an option. It is time for all of us to take a role in helping to eliminate it. 

As business owners, executives and managers, we have the power to create a difference in our small parts of the world. Systemic change can only happen when all parts of the system change with it.

We cannot do this by staying quiet. If we do not act, we are accepting the status quo. All businesses and organizations need to take a stance and participate. (Read our column in Inc. to see how to start.)

Every business has a responsibility to make sure our institutions are free of racism and discrimination. We cannot rid the world of this problem unless we eradicate it from the areas for which we are responsible.

Our management and team care for the black community and anyone who is treated unfairly because of their race, for what they believe in, what religion they practice, or who they choose to identify as or choose to love.

We are taking action at myHR Partner and with our clients. We urge you to join us. Contact us for help in addressing the issue and creating change in your organization.

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