Racism and discrimination are bad for business. There’s a moral imperative to uproot them from our lives, starting with our areas of influence. As business owners, executives and managers, you have a unique opportunity and responsibility to cultivate inclusion. A positive correlation exists between diverse perspectives and productivity, profitability, and morale. Reap the benefits and let us help you do what’s right.

Protecting businesses and their people against discrimination has been a core tenet of our identity since 2002. myHR Partner cares deeply for anyone treated unfairly because of their race, what they believe, how they identify, who they love, or any other aspect of who they are. As your partner in human resources, we equip you and your team to identify how and where your organization can move toward active inclusion.

We’ll help you get started. Read our column at Inc.com for tips on how to start addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in your business. Then reach out to myHR Partner. Our team is formally and continuously trained and uniquely experienced in the nuances of this specialized, sensitive service.

We’re Here to Help You Navigate DE&I

DE&I – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – touches all aspects of business. myHR Partner works closely with you to determine areas ripe for improvement. From there, we devise a blueprint that utilizes one or more of the following: 

Turnkey staff DE&I training covering:

  • Unconscious bias
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Fundamentals of DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

Customized staff DE&I training. Our approach includes:

  • Assessment of current DE&I culture, past training, and goals for future training
  • Creation of training outlines
  • Development of training content
  • Interactive training (your company keeps the finalized training materials)

Ongoing/as-needed DE&I guidance:

  • Customized Leadership Workshops – Interactive workshops that ensure proper application of DE&I concepts and best practices. Your leaders will openly share experiences and questions, practice putting learning into action, and discuss how concepts apply to your workplace.
  • DE&I Cultural Climate Checks – Let myHR Partner lead focus groups and surveys that offer insights into how diversity, equity, and inclusion are/are not being experienced by your team. You’ll gain invaluable feedback from employees that we’ll use to guide improvement.
  • Client Forums – Monthly DE&I discussions allow myHR Partner clients to share and learn from one another. Great opportunities to see how fellow businesses are navigating relevant topics.
  • DE&I Mini-Assessments – myHR Partner gauges your specific situation before developing customized tutorials and training.
  • Tutorials and Training – Spans topics including DE&I committee development, job description writing, employee resource groups, and diverse hiring.
  • DE&I Partnership – Much like our HR Partnerships, these annual agreements provide clients with steady guidance around various workplace DE&I issues and employee needs. Includes a hotline for anytime support.

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