Volunteering is something we all would like to do. Each of us has our own direction and contribution, but we are always impressed by how much giving goes on here! It is part of the work-life balance too.

Tina, Founder and President: “We are thinking about philanthropy this year and I want to do something with entrepreneurship: anything to help small businesses. Also, I am a donor at ArtsQuest, a local organization that supports the arts and young people, giving them opportunity to express their creativity.

“I have volunteered in developing countries. I am passionate about doing that work because it gives you perspective. You give to people who actually need and want and care and aren’t entitled to anything. I joined a group called Global Volunteers and we literally were in the middle of the West Indies. The people live in huts and had no bathrooms and had pretty much nothing and I spent every single day with them. I like understanding what it is to have zero. They really are in touch with life. They are just happy. They don’t feel entitled. They are just grateful.”