Other companies can’t believe that we stick to our work-week schedules and actually have enough time to complete quality work on time.

Jennifer Minor, Administrator, Office Manager:

“The work-life balance is extremely important. When I applied here the thing that popped out in the job ad was the 40-hour work week, the work-life balance, because I just had a baby.

So many businesses talk about family. It’s real here. It’s true. It’s very nice. Having that flexibility and that trust, knowing that you are doing your work. It’s an unbelievable feeling. We all have children. When your child is sick we all have the opportunity to work from home. Here it is 40 hours a week and we don’t expect you to work more. There is very rarely any overtime and we believe in work-life. The best thing about this job is that you are not overworked – and I think we all do better work because of it.”