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Presenting hireVision: Hiring with a Vision

In recent times, the art of successful hiring has transformed significantly. It has shifted away from the traditional ‘one-size-fits-most’ approach to requiring a holistic strategy that demands foresight, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the candidate experience.

At myHR Partner we not only recognize this shift, but we stay on the cutting edge of it, using it to your company’s advantage.

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Hiring for your Company’s Present and Future

hireVision is an ongoing collaboration between myHR Partner and your organization, focusing on elevating your growth. Our partnership revolves around the implementation of world-class hiring strategies, the execution of impeccable hiring processes, and the enhancement of your employer brand.

Addressing both present and future hiring needs, we manage passive and active hiring initiatives. Our hiring specialists integrate closely with your team, deeply understanding your organization's culture, objectives, and brand identity. This partnership kickstarts with a thorough assessment of your workplace environment, organizational goals, cultural nuances, current hiring methodologies, and an array of other essential factors.


Elevate Your Hiring: Benefits of hireVision Unveiled

Upon completion of our assessment of your workplace environment, goals, culture, current hiring methodologies, and more, you receive the benefits of:

  • Targeted position profiles created through our proprietary process
  • A personalized candidate sourcing plan
  • Comprehensive screening of candidates
  • A modernized interview process, utilizing our proprietary tools and harnessing cutting-edge technologies
  • Diversity recruitment expertise
  • Compensation benchmarking
  • An impactful reference verification process and background verification management
  • Managed Glassdoor and social candidate attraction processes
  • A focus on continuous improvement
  • Applicant tracking system optimization
  • Employer branding expertise
  • And more

Is hireVision Perfect for You?

You may be wondering, is hireVision a right fit for you? hireVision was meticulously designed for organizations that exhibit the following characteristics:

Frequent, and, in some cases, Varied Hiring Needs

Whether you’re continuously hiring or experiencing seasonal fluctuations in hiring, hireVision is ideal for organizations needing hourly, entry-level, mid-level, and/or executive talent.  It’s especially beneficial if you are hiring multiple individuals for a single position.

A Commitment to Modernization

You’re committed to keeping pace with the ever-evolving hiring landscape, and are eager to implement best practices.

A Focus on Culture

You’re dedicated to creating and nurturing a company culture that will attract and retain top-tier candidates.

Brand Consciousness

Recognizing the importance of employer branding, you’re determined to uphold and enhance yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

A hiring strategy is a plan of action around identifying, attracting, and hiring the best quality candidates for your open positions. An effective hiring strategy determines and leverages the best sourcing strategies to ensure that the quality, quantity, and costs of candidates align with your organization's needs on an ongoing basis.

Employer branding is an organization's outward-facing messaging around who they are, what they stand for, and what makes them special. A key component of an employer brand is its employee value proposition, which includes a mission statement, values, vision, and culture.

Employer branding encompasses managing and influencing the organization's reputation among employees, job seekers, and key stakeholders. Your employee brand is what potential candidates think of your organization as a place to work, and can help or hurt talent acquisition, employee retention, as well as business growth and profitability. According to various studies, over 70% of candidates say that they consider employer branding before they begin to apply for a position.

In our blog 'Improving Your Online Workplace Reviews' we provide some tips on improving your employer brand.

When partnering with myHR Partner for hireVision, you are charged a monthly retainer for our ongoing support, strategy, and execution of your hiring strategy. Additional charges vary and are customized to your organization's specific hiring needs. Keep in mind, when we are hiring for you, we are compensated for the work we do, not based on per hire fees or commissions. Since we don't impose per-hire fees or salary-based commissions, our model is often significantly more cost-effective for recruiting multiple individuals for a single position in comparison to other hiring vendor options, like staffing services and recruiters. Click here to read more about how our services differ from other outsourced options.

Elida Zgjani

Elida Zgjani

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