No, we're not like other HR services.
That's definitely a good thing.

Who We Are Not

Cut through the HR jargon and find the right partner for you.

Lots of companies offer some version of outsourced HR assistance, but the different models offer very different levels and types of service.

Yes, we’re unique. But most people try to compare us to something they already know. Sometimes, learning who we are not can give you insight into how we’re different — and focused on your needs.

Here’s how four of the most common models work and how they compare with myHR Partner‘s hands-on, team approach:

HR Consultants
What they do:

HR consultants offer instruction or consultation, guiding you on how to set up your own HR services. They advise; you do the work. Typically, you rely on one person as your consultant and are invoiced an hourly rate.

Why myHR Partner may be a better fit:

We do the work for you! We give you a team with skills that match the level of HR support you need. You pay only for the level of expertise you’re using instead of a flat hourly rate. Yes, we offer advice, but we consider your culture and management style when we give it, so HR supports your vision. Beyond your team, we offer a company full of HR professionals to brainstorm ideas and keep you ahead of trends.

Benefits/Payroll Providers
What they do:

These providers specialize in payroll and benefits services. As an extra incentive, they may offer some basic HR tools such as a hotline or consultations.

Why myHR Partner may be a better fit:

Our team of hands-on HR professionals can perform all of the HR services you need. Period. HR is all we do. It’s not an afterthought or add-on. We work alongside your existing payroll and benefits provider to conduct all of the internal functions to complete these processes for you. (And if you need to change your payroll or benefits provider, we give you the flexibility to do it!)

PEO (Professional Employer Organization)
What they do:

Your staff becomes the PEO’s employees, then the PEO leases the employees back to you. You become co-employers and manage the employees together. You maintain similar risks and continue to handle employee relations. To a degree, the PEO alleviates the need to manage HR administration, benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation.

You pay one fee, which includes employee benefits and insurances, which are purchased by the PEO. However, claims made by all of a PEO’s clients are bulked together, which can increase costs to you. Plus, you pay the PEO provider based on a percentage of salaries. The more your employees earn, the more you pay.

Why myHR Partner may be a better fit:

We don’t want to get in between you and your employees! Our goal is to support your people and the culture that drew them to you in the first place, while offering you only the HR services you need. We can manage all of your vendors — and be a single-step solution if you like — while giving you total flexibility.

Staffing Services or Recruiters/Headhunters
What they do:

Staffing services and recruiters search for candidates and place them with your business as employees. In most cases, they are compensated each time they make a placement. Staffing services have a finite pool of candidates to send your way.

Why myHR Partner may be a better fit:

We work on your side of the desk, giving you a much more comprehensive, measurable and repeatable process that can evolve with your organization. Our focus is on deeply understanding your internal needs and developing and carrying out a hiring process that will identify the right candidates for you. Plus, our services typically cost up to 75 percent less than those of external recruiters. Why? We’re compensated only for the work we do for you rather than for each placement. Our focus is bringing you successful hires — now and down the road.

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