myHR Partner is more than a well-oiled payroll management department at our fingertips. They’re a tremendous knowledge bank whose payroll expertise far exceeds ours. They’ve been key to Vicente LLP’s expansion into multiple states and are a reason we’re primed for growth.

Taji Jordan, Director of Human Resources
Vicente LLP

Whatever ArtsQuest has asked of myHR Partner, even when we weren’t sure what we were asking – they’ve found a way to take it on, help us out, and make sure every last detail is compliant, fine-tuned, and organized. myHR Partner is collaborative and the best at what they do. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

Joann Lee, Vice President of Administration, Risk Management, and Board Relations

The world-class HR and the benefits package we’ve created with myHR Partner’s guidance has directly contributed to the strongest overall business results Liquid has seen in its nearly 30 years of business.

Doug Mancini, President

myHR Partner’s efficiency, and the value of that efficiency, can’t be overstated. It allows us to conserve internal resources who can now focus on key priorities like new technology, revenue enhancement, and cost mitigation while myHR Partner handles all aspects of HR. myHR Partner’s functional ownership of our human resources needs – hiring especially – has been key to where we are today.

Chuck Kuczynski, Executive Vice President
Keystone Precision Solutions

myHR Partner’s response time is swift. Even more, they bring a transparency that’s rare in professional services. Timeliness and accuracy are important in outsourced partners, of course, but myHR Partner’s accountability and humanity are equally rare and valued.

Taji Jordan, Director of Human Resources
Vicente LLP

JAHF logo

We decided to work with myHR Partner because we had no full-time HR staff due to our small staff size. We wanted to gain access to professional advice offered by highly qualified HR consultants. myHR Partner delivered.

Eva Hua Cheng, CPA, CFO and Treasurer
The John A. Hartford Foundation

Diane Turton Logo

Outsourcing HR takes the burden off attempting to become self-taught and knowledgeable ‘enough’ about all state and federal labor law paperwork, compliance and reporting. One less thing for us (me) to worry about!

Scott McGrory
Diane Turton Realtors

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We were struggling to find, evaluate and hire talented employees. Using new and improved job postings, interview scripts and reference check processes, we were able to make some key hires that helped our company continue its growth. 

With myHR Partner®’s help, I was able to avoid some of the “noise” associated with running a recruiting process. Having the top candidates presented with feedback gave me a chance to spend more time focusing on my main task: ensuring the profitability of the business.

HR seems to be an often neglected aspect of small businesses. myHR Partner took the time to learn our business and listen to what our end goals were. I would highly recommend myHR Partner to any firm looking to develop parts or all of an HR department.

Our time working with myHR Partner was crucial in the development of Appeeling Fruit’s in-house HR department. When our company was acquired, our HR plans changed in an unexpected way; however, the recruiting process we learned will live on, as we will continue to need employees that have the skillset and core values alignment we are looking for.

Tyler Dunkelberger, Finance Manager
Appeeling Fruit

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Working with the myHR Partner team is FANTASTIC! It is as if they are regular full-time employees. We work together well and can work through issues as though we’re one team.

Outsourcing payroll was the best thing we could have ever done. It was not easy to convince stakeholders to make this move but we did. And they couldn’t be happier. The relationship has been great and the burden of turnover and attitudes has been lifted.

Carrie Barth, Human Resources
Hargray Communications

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When most companies consider outsourcing, it is a cost-savings initiative. For Lamtec, it was never about costs. We looked at outsourcing with myHR Partner as a way to increase HR capabilities and bring current, up-to-date HR expertise into our company. We realized most of our HR activities were centered on benefits administration and with the help of myHR Partner we have shifted the priority to organizational development.

Our myHR Partner team is strong and confident. They can work with employees at all levels of our organization; they are comfortable interacting with people from the shop floor to the President’s office. They are also up-to-date with the latest regulations and trends. They have learned our culture and adapted the presentation of information to work seamlessly with our thought and decision-making processes. Their business cards may say myHR Partner, but they are viewed as Lamtec.

With myHR Partner’s guidance, coaching and input, we make confident and timely HR decisions that are positively impacting the daily operation of our business.

Norman Parker
Lamtec Corporation

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Our rapidly growing small business needed help professionalizing our approach across a broad spectrum of human resources-related questions. We needed expertise and more timely action than we could supply internally. Outsourcing to myHR Partner frees up time for us to concentrate on using the skills we are good at, and allowing others to support us in our areas of weakness.

Tina Plank, HR Administrator
Blue Eagle Logistics

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Outsourcing (our HR) project made sense because it enabled us to rely on myHR Partner’s expertise. It would have used too many internal resources to overcome the learning curve and get the results needed.

Deborah F. Hill
Easterseals Eastern Pennsylvania

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I acquired a family-owned business and I needed a higher caliber of HR capabilities than what the legacy employees could provide. Outsourcing HR allows me to be more at ease knowing that I have a competent professional HR team handling my people function and ensuring that I have my necessary processes and documents in place.

The myHR Partner team has been a tremendous asset for my business. They are highly competent, proactive and great to work with.

I tried using other outsourced HR providers from my payroll company with mediocre results. myHR Partner is an order of magnitude better than my previous experience.

Curt Snyder
Lancaster Products/Kercher Industries

We needed an organization that could provide an additional layer of support yet had the flexibility to be nimble with a positive employee experience. myHR Partner has been great at keeping the lines of communication open and we’ve enjoyed their partnership.

By partnering with myHR Partner, we’ve been able to focus on other components of our business and yet still provide best-in-class services to our employees.

Katie Tucker

Nace Logo

We are large enough to have occasional HR-related issues, but not large enough to afford an HR staff person. Utilizing myHR Partner provides expertise that we don’t have on staff, without the expensive hourly rate of an attorney.

Outsourcing the HR function frees up internal staff time, provides a higher level of expertise than we have on-staff, improves the level of support to our staff and protects us by ensuring compliance with laws and policies that we might not otherwise be aware of.

Our myHR Partner team assisted us with the projects that we asked them to but also took the initiative to make suggestions in other areas where they saw room for improvement with our internal systems. We have implemented multiple changes based on their recommendations.

Eileen Lewis
National Association of Colleges and Employers

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While we are a growing organization, we are not yet at a size where it made sense to bring on an HR manager. Our non-profit board approved this move because it was a better way to support the day-to-day needs of the organization (versus an HR board committee or ad hoc committees).

There’s time and energy that goes into HR issues regardless of whether they’re supported by a firm like myHR Partner. But myHR Partner provides a sounding board, experience, in-the-room support, and project management to get through all kinds of projects and HR-related issues. This both expedites certain resolutions and improvements, but also minimizes the worry of “am I doing it right?” for non-HR specialists.

For a non-profit, allocating resources thoughtfully and for mission and impact is a pretty clear imperative. Working with myHR Partner allows us to have much-needed HR support within a small organization without having to “over-allocate” resources to a full-time staff person, when we’re not at that level of need.

Jared Mast, Executive Director
Greater Easton Development Partnership

myHR Partner has been a valuable resource for our company all around. Employees have been able to anonymously request information or seek guidance on HR issues, and it has allowed management to feel secure in the choices offered to employees regarding HR issues.”

Confidential Company

Outsourcing some of our HR functions has brought management peace of mind, knowing that a professional resource is a phone call or email away should a problem arise. It also provides our employees with an objective party to direct any HR questions or concerns. Outsourcing has also given us the ability to consult with a professional in order to determine and prioritize HR-related projects to be worked on together under their guidance.

From the top down, the staff at myHR Partner are consummate professionals. The representatives assigned to our company spent time with the management team at the beginning to learn about our culture, HR practices and concerns. Since partnering with them, we have had several HR matters to contend with. Our main contact was readily available and helped us navigate through the process each and every time. We rely on myHR Partner to keep us compliant and help us create a pleasant work environment for our employees.

Confidential Company