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Compliance. It’s Complicated.

Whether your company has 5 or 500 employees, it needs to abide by local, state, and federal policies and laws. Cue a slightly-less-sexy side of entrepreneurship: Compliance.

Compliance with regulation governing hiring, pay, benefits, and company procedures is critical to safeguarding your business against liabilities and potential lawsuits. It’s also incredibly time-consuming – and increasingly so as remote work becomes a new norm. If you have even one employee in a particular state, your company needs to abide by all laws for that state. There’s a lot at stake, and a lot for a non-HR professional to juggle and learn.

myHR Partner’s Compliance Management is among our most sought-after services for this exact reason: Few businesses have the expertise in-house to effectively monitor and meet ever-changing regulation. They rely on our specialists instead. myHR Partner’s expertise covers all fifty U.S. states, ensuring compliance for you and your employees no matter where you’re based today or tomorrow.   

And beyond our proficiency, there’s our flexibility. Our formally trained experts take compliance management off of your desk to the extent you want us to. For some businesses, we handle it all. Others lean on us for recommendations and a rundown of risks, but implement our insights on their own. We work with clients on both ends of the spectrum and at every point in between, offering the exact degree of guidance and expert elbow grease they want and need. It looks a little different for everyone, but the outcome is always the same: HR compliance across every aspect of your business.

Don’t just guess – or hope – that your business is in compliance. Get in touch with us today to make sure it is.

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