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We’re part of your team at every level of your organization

Working with myHR Partner® is not like your other business relationships. We believe the greatest value we provide is the way we integrate into your team and your way of doing things.

We’re here to provide you and your management team with clarity and direction on HR issues so you can focus on running your business. And we’ll take HR work off your desk. Sometimes that means staying up to date on the latest trends. Or finding answers to your questions. Or having someone listen to you and understand your challenges.

You can also rely on us to give you guidance and hands-on support on regulatory and legal requirements. We alert you about changes and make sure you stay fully compliant. You can say goodbye to confusion, stress and uncertainty. 

Whatever it is, we can handle it.

Be a smart HR shopper

Before you talk to any HR outsourcing company, read our Indispensable HR Outsourcing Buyer’s Guide for 2019. 

myHR Employee collaborating with a client

Employee Relations Support

Our extensive HR expertise and flexibility also means that we can work as closely with your team as you need, even becoming a key part of your operations. We’ll join management meetings and bring our HR knowledge.

We can also be the first contact for your employees when they have questions or need hands-on support. They call us directly and we’ll resolve the issue, giving them fast, expert answers — and giving you peace of mind that your workforce is taken care of.

We’re the experts you’ve been looking for. Reach out.