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Flexible, foolproof HR

Clients point to flexibility as one of their favorite things about myHR Partner. We can integrate seamlessly into your operations and team or maintain a more traditional vendor relationship if preferred.

However it looks, one thing is constant: We provide you and your leadership with HR direction and expertise so you can focus on running your business. Staying abreast of regulation and trends, finding answers to your questions, and offering feedback, we are equipped and formally trained to handle some or all of your HR for you.

HR Projects Guide
Be a smart HR shopper

Before you talk to any HR outsourcing company, read our Indispensable HR Outsourcing Buyer’s Guide for 2020. 

myHR Employee Collaborating With a Client About Employee Relations Outsourcing

Employee Relations Support

Let myHR Partner be your employees’ first point of contact for HR questions and needs. They’ll call us directly for fast, expert answers.

We’re the support you’ve been looking for. Reach out.