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React quickly, confidently and expertly with myLink

An employee hotline allows your people to ask time-sensitive, confidential questions and share concerns. Shouldn’t their concerns be heard and addressed by someone trained in HR who knows your culture?

Our myLink employee hotline allows you to provide this valuable service to support your people.

And best of all, we’ve been able to resolve 79% of all employee issues that come in without getting management involved! (How’s that for getting it off your desk?)

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Completely customized. Completely confidential.

With myLink, your employees’ calls are handled confidentially by our HR professionals—people who understand your organization and can react quickly to sensitive needs. Your team has access to resources that reduce the stresses that can get in the way of success and distract them from their goals. And for schools, we offer a student hotline service as well.

Our unique HR approach to hotline interaction makes it easier for your team to communicate, giving a voice to your workforce. And while individual calls are confidential, we’ll track topics and current developments, then provide you with data on emerging trends in real time.

The myLink Employee Hotline from myHR Partner

With myLink as your hotline, everyone in your organization can focus on what he or she does best.

And it’s customized to your needs.

  • Impartial and qualified HR professionals listen and help—a virtual ombudsman who’s outside your organization (as recommended by the National Ombudsman Association)
  • Every call, text and email is tracked in our system. We collect data to benchmark and identify trends, threats, growing concerns and more
  • Accessibility via phone, email, text, video and your own custom website
  • Anonymous calls are an option
  • Introductory orientations throughout the year for all members of your organization

Support your employees with myLink. Reach out to us to get started.

Your team deserves five-star HR. Start today.