Help for overworked HR departments

Maybe you’ve been handing HR on your own and are at the end of your rope.

Maybe you need more HR resources, but don’t want more employees.

Behold the power of modular outsourced HR.

myHR Partner meets mid-sized businesses where they’re at by complementing their existing teams.

We’re the farthest thing from consultants dispensing advice. Each of our team members has a formal HR education and a desire to understanding the inner-workings of your business, then elevate it accordingly.

Beyond ongoing HR support, we also contribute to strategy, identifying ways to use HR to achieve your big-picture goals. Properly applied, HR has the power to transform.

We’re not looking to change your culture. We want to understand it and work within it. Every organization is unique so what we do for you is tailored to your needs and identity.

Ready to fold in HR experts? Let’s talk.

Outsourcing HR Guide
Your solution to PEOs

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Tina Meeting With a Mid-size Organization Client in an Office

How we help mid-sized businesses

Lots of time sensitive tasks. Confidentiality concerns. PTO for the staff who does this. Rather than hire more people, let us handle it all for you.

As businesses grow, so do their HR needs. This is a good thing. With myHR Partner, it actually feels that way.

Few internal HR departments have the time to get work done and keep up on evolving industry practices and policies. myHR Partner’s deep bench of talent guarantees both.

Processing new hires. Handling open enrollment. Managing documentation. The workload can get out of hand. We can help.

We needed an organization that could provide an additional layer of support yet had the flexibility to be nimble with a positive employee experience. By partnering with myHR Partner, we’ve been able to focus on other components of our business and yet still provide best-in-class services to our employees.

Katie Tucker, SEI

Insights for Mid-Sized Businesses