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Small business owners are busy, and can rarely justify in-house HR teams or pros. Human resources tasks often fall to the wayside except when absolutely necessary, like when writing offer letters or getting people paid. It’s understandable – but risky.

You see, human resource management and growth are intertwined. You don’t just need HR when you grow – you need it to grow. HR covers an umbrella of functions including management counsel and employee relations, training, employment regulatory compliance, performance management, and employee retention, all critical to the caliber and growth of small businesses.

If you’re a small business, outsourcing some or all of these HR tasks to myHR Partner lets you focus on what you do best, secure in the knowledge that human resources are in the best hands and are advancing your brand – not dragging it down or merely keeping pace.

Small Business HR Outsourcing

Our team of professionals is formally trained in human resources, equipped to navigate everything from daily functions to complex scenarios. Every day, our involvement lets small businesses focus on their core service or product instead of being distracted, held back, and frustrated by HR.

We also see increased productivity when we’re in the mix. This can be chalked up to more than just outsourcing. You see, myHR Partner shuns one-size-fits-all mindsets that never work. Every business is different. We get to know yours – its values, culture, people, and goals – before developing strategic solutions designed to bring long-lasting value.

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Be a smart HR shopper

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How we help small businesses

Is HR taking you away from your core business? Hand it to our experts.

HR is time-consuming. The hours you’ll save with myHR Partner are just one reason to lean on us.

Federal, state, and local laws and guidelines are ever-changing. We keep tabs on it all and keep you compliant.

You need high-caliber, right-fit employees. We understand – and will find them.

We looked at outsourcing … as a way to increase HR capabilities and bring current, up-to-date HR expertise into our company. We realized most of our HR activities were centered on benefits administration. With the help of myHR Partner we have shifted the priority to organizational development.

Norman Parker, Lamtec Corporation

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