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myLink Hotline and EAP Services


Help employees (and yourself). Use our hotline services.

myLink delivers innovative hotline support with an EAP option. With myLink you are no longer bogged down by what can sometimes be hundreds of time-sensitive requests for assistance.

Calls are confidentially handled by HR professionals and optional behavioral health clinicians singularly qualified to support your organization. This eliminates wait time and supports sensitive needs. Your team has access to resources that reduce the stresses that can impede their success and distract them from their goals.

Our unique HR approach to hotline interaction unifies communications among your team. The hotline gives a voice to your community. Experienced HR professionals track and report on current developments and emerging trends in real-time. myLink handles the hotline and lets everyone in your organization focus on what he or she does best.

myLink’s HR approach can make your life significantly easier

This is no cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all hotline service. myLink is customized to fit your needs.

  • Impartial, unbiased, engaged and qualified HR professionals listen and help—a virtual ombudsman that is not part of your organization (as recommended by the National Ombudsman Association)
  • Every call, text and email is tracked in our system. We collect data to benchmark and identify trends, threats, growing concerns and more
  • Accessibility via phone, email, text, video and your own custom website
  • Users can discuss issues such as conflicts, ethics, threats, risks and compliance concerns
  • Users can call anonymously in many situations
  • We develop a database of your FAQs to provide expedient support and allow more time to listen and engage with your callers
  • We can resolve basic issues to take the burden off your management team
  • Our access to your management team allows us to mediate basic issues
  • Live introductory orientations throughout the year for all members of your organization

Add EAP to help your people handle virtually any issue

The stress associated with personal, professional and student life can seem unbearable as humans are exposed to intense pressure, including:

  • Relationship issues – dating, marriage, elder care, child care, friendships
  • Work pressure – deadlines, coworkers, supervisors, doing more with less
  • School pressure – working toward good grades, adjustment, leaving home
  • Financial – planning for college, funding retirement, debt consolidation, tax issues
  • Legal – divorce, motor vehicle, estate planning, starting a business

Our myLink Student Assistance Program and optional Employee Assistance Program are managed and delivered by the masters and doctoral level clinicians of our partner, Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH). IBH delivers positive results on a local and national level using a proprietary network of EAP counselors and resources. Accessing the services is as simple as calling the myLink hotline and connecting with one of our HR professionals and an IBH Counselor.

All services are confidential and include:

  • Unlimited telephonic consultations and case management of life issues delivered by IBH staff clinicians
  • Up to six face-to-face visits with local network clinicians for assessment and short-term problem resolution of psychosocial, mental health and substance abuse conditions
  • Ombudsman services directing members to appropriate treatment resources after EAP services are completed
  • 30 days of proactive financial coaching customized to the member’s needs
  • 30 minute legal consultations with local attorneys and 25% discounts for retained services
  • Unlimited access to website resources including life-skills training, legal forms and stress management programs.
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