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Agile HR: is your workforce as nimble as your business processes are?

Posted on: April 26th, 2018 | Category: Our Blog

agile hr hr outsourcingThe move to “agile” processes started long ago in the IT industry. The speed and nimbleness that the agile approach delivered to functions such as product development, manufacturing, marketing and more compelled other industries to adopt the methodology.

Surprisingly, HR has been slow to adopt an agile mindset – surprising in that the velocity and flexibility of the workforce should be aligned with the increasingly agile nature of the processes employees use every day.

HR is finally catching up

In “agile HR,” the human resources function is seen as more fluid and responsive to the needs of the business rather than a static, bureaucratic, paperwork-filing department.

Integration, employee feedback, technology and the development of a collaborative workplace culture are all elements of the agile HR movement that many organizations are adopting in order to become more productive workplaces and lower talent turnover.

Recently Harvard Business Review discussed how organizations using an agile HR model streamlined workflows and improved operational levels in recruiting, performance appraisals, coaching, team building, compensation and training. Finally aligned with other parts of the business, these modernized HR practices proved indispensable when it came to staying profitable and one-step ahead of the competition.

From the article:

You could say HR is going “agile lite,” applying the general principles without adopting all the tools and protocols from the tech world. It’s a move away from a rules- and planning-based approach toward a simpler and faster model driven by feedback from participants. This new paradigm has really taken off in the area of performance management. (In a 2017 Deloitte survey, 79% of global executives rated agile performance management as a high organizational priority.) But other HR processes are starting to change too.

HR that adjusts quickly and on-demand

Modern employers understand the need for HR that is scalable and able to adjust quickly to an organization’s needs. Many large companies have fully revamped their operations to make them more useful and agile.

Yet, it can be frustrating for smaller enterprises to know the benefits of agile HR. They may not be in the position to hire proper levels of in-house human resources support to implement agile programs. For them, outsourcing can allow their businesses to have expert, hands-on HR support at a significant cost savings compared to hiring and training employees to do the same work.

Read about eight common reasons organizations have for outsourcing HR.


Now more than ever, HR encompasses so much of what makes your organization run successfully, efficiently and profitably. Small- to mid-sized organizations understand how strong HR forms the backbone of any healthy enterprise, and that outsourcing these critical functions can allow employers to focus on running their businesses without distraction.

myHR Partner provides support as you scale, and we’re here to deliver the expertise and capacity you need to make sure your HR operations contribute to your organization’s success.

Agile HR, enabled through HR outsourcing, can help your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more.

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