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Move your HR project from “to-do” to “done perfectly.”

Your HR team has a lot on its plate and needs occasional, short-term support.

Meet HR Projects.

Whether hiring new team members, updating compensation plans, or tackling employee training across your entire business, HR Project engagements match you with a team of professionals for the life of your defined need. Filling gaps as-needed, this model protects your organization from problems as complex as compliance and as basic as HR bandwidth.

How does it work? We carefully assemble a team of staff members – not temps, not 1099 employees – with the right HR acumen for your need, industry, stage of growth, and workplace culture, ensuring optimal outcomes.

HR Projects Guide
Be a smart HR shopper

Before you talk to any HR outsourcing company, read our Indispensable HR Outsourcing Buyer’s Guide for 2020. 

Some of the services we provide under HR Projects engagements:

All HR Projects start with a conversation. Reach out here to get started.