Help for overworked HR departments in mid-sized organizations.

You have an HR department working overtime to keep up and needs extra help yesterday. One problem. You don’t want to add employees.

That’s where outsourced HR comes in.

We aren’t consultants dispensing advice. Each of our team members has a formal HR education  and we are an experienced team who roll up our sleeves and work. Give us one task or half a dozen. Consider it done.

We also have the expertise to help you with the big picture thinking companies need to grow. We’ll find ways to use HR to help you achieve bigger strategic goals. Properly applied, HR is a powerful tool with transformational power.

We’re not looking to change your culture. We want to understand it and work within it. Every organization is unique so what we do for you is tailored to your needs.

You need to stay on top of HR. But you also need to run lean. Count on us to help you do both.

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How we can help

Lots of time sensitive tasks. Confidentiality concerns. PTO for the staff who does this. Rather than hire more people, let us handle it all for you.

Ever hear of HR’s work getting easier and less time-consuming? Neither have we. We’ll support your team with HR expertise that’s customized for you.

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HR seems to get more complicated every week. It’s nearly impossible to keep up. We can tackle complex tasks with the most up-to-date knowledge.

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Processing new hires. Handling open enrollment. Managing documentation. If you don’t want to add people when the workload gets out of hand, let us help.

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We needed an organization that could provide an additional layer of support yet had the flexibility to be nimble with a positive employee experience. By partnering with myHR Partner, we’ve been able to focus on other components of our business and yet still provide best-in-class services to our employees.

Katie Tucker, SEI
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