Transform your growing organization by outsourcing HR.

Don’t mean to state the obvious, but you’re busy with everything. And HR is probably the one thing falling to the bottom of the pile. We’ve seen it a million times.

We don’t blame you.

Small organizations need to dedicate all their time and resources to their core business, leaving them with no bandwidth to run HR operations. Many small enterprises either don’t have an in-house HR department or they have a very small team that is too overwhelmed with the varied HR responsibilities. In other cases, an administrative professional is delegated with the duties that are usually carried out by the HR team like coordinating interviews and drafting and sending offer letters. 

But HR is so much more than that! To top it all, when a business starts growing, so do their human resource management needs. Ask any small or mid-sized company and they’ll tell you what a tightrope walk it is to manage the HR function without a dedicated team or HR support for small businesses.

Apart from hiring and payroll processing, HR encompasses an umbrella of functions that include management counsel and employee relations, training, employment regulatory compliance, performance management, and employee retention. 

If you’re a small business, HR outsourcing of some or all of these tasks to myHR Partner would help you better focus on your increasing business demands, relaxed in the knowledge that your human resource function is in good hands.

Small Business HR Outsourcing

Our team of qualified and experienced professionals excels in HR capabilities and helps empower positive change in organizations. Our belief is that human capital is the most crucial asset that has helped us transform organizations. Human resource management is an organization’s most demanding yet highly rewarding function. 

Effective human resource management not only yields high productivity and maximized profitability but also results in a motivated and content workforce. No two organizations have the same human resource requirements, so HR support services for small businesses is a different ballgame altogether!

For this reason, we steer away from a one-size-fits-all mindset and embrace a strategic, customized approach. We take the time to understand your goals, requirements, work culture, and values before developing a tailored, strategic solution that aligns with your objectives, delivering long-lasting value to your business. 

myHR Partner is committed to running your human resource function in a manner that’s representative of your organization’s ethos, work culture, mission, and vision. HR Partnership, our small business HR outsourcing program is specially designed for small to mid-sized organizations and you can choose from our menu of offerings including:

Hiring Management Services

Hiring should be done right the first time! Our hiring plan is strategically developed and focused on your organization’s work culture, values, and business objectives. 

Payroll and Benefits Management

We can effectively handle all your payroll processing and benefits management needs. 

Management counsel and employee relations

We integrate into your team and your way of doing things and offer hands-on, integrated support for building employee relations and fulfilling regulatory and legal requirements. 


Our team of specialized professionals has got your training needs covered, ranging from HR basics and compliance with hiring and harassment training.

Employee Hotline

My HR Partner’s employee hotline is a customized HR support service for small businesses – a valuable resource for your employees in times of need. Our team is qualified to address time-sensitive, confidential questions, and concerns shared by your employees. 


We provide assistance in compliance as well. Whether it’s working with company procedure, benefits, pay, hiring with regulations, to help protect your business against potential lawsuits or liabilities. It’s something that takes a long time, but we’re prepared to help because we know how hard it is to try doing it without HR help.

Whatever your HR outsourcing needs as a small business, we can help. Whether you need a hand with one, two or a dozen tasks, our team of HR professionals are not only formally educated in HR, they are experienced and passionate about serving your organization. You won’t just get advice, you’ll get work done. Tap our expertise for payroll and benefits administration, hiring, compliance, management, and employee support and other time-consuming HR needs. It’s all customized to your needs.

Beyond the day-to-day, we can show you how HR can achieve short- and long-range goals. When HR is baked into a bigger strategy and vision, you can take your organization to exciting new places.

So, if you’re an established, successful small business/organization and believe that caring for your people is a good way to grow, we can help.

Ready for HR expertise? Reach out.

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We looked at outsourcing … as a way to increase HR capabilities and bring current, up-to-date HR expertise into our company. We realized most of our HR activities were centered on benefits administration. With the help of myHR Partner we have shifted the priority to organizational development.

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