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We know that there aren’t enough hours in your day to focus on growing the business, nurturing customers or clients, developing and hiring employees and all the other tasks that come with running an organization.

It’s time you get some of those hours back with small business HR services.

myHR Partner® was created to relieve small organizations like yours of HR-related demands so you can continue to succeed. You’re prepared to make an investment, and we deliver high-value, high-touch service.

What you’ll get from us is the right amount of service from professionals formally educated and experienced in HR to handle your growing needs as an organization. We’ll manage your benefits and payroll, help you hire your next employee, take care of compliance issues, provide management and employee support, run compensation projects, and offer many more small business HR services. And we’ll provide our expertise on what’s right for you as you grow.

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What are some of the big HR challenges that take you away from running your organization? Move them off your desk and give them to our HR experts.

Sometimes HR seems like another ball to juggle. Hand it off to us instead. Our HR experts will get the job done and fit in with your culture.

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Regulations seem to change every day. We will watch out for you and keep you compliant.

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You want to hire the best employees and have the right people in the right seats on the bus. We have the skills and best practices to help.

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We looked at outsourcing … as a way to increase HR capabilities and bring current, up-to-date HR expertise into our company. We realized most of our HR activities were centered on benefits administration. With the help of myHR Partner we have shifted the priority to organizational development.

Norman Parker, Lamtec Corporation
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