Private foundations struggle to find outsourced HR providers who understand the nuance of their culture and their work. This sobering reality reflects both the limited number of HR providers specializing in private foundations and the singularity of foundations themselves, which often have unique policies, procedures, and working styles.

myHR Partner understands – and developed our private foundation specialty accordingly.

Since 2002, myHR Partner’s formally-educated HR specialists have expertly handled human resources for some of the nation’s most prolific private foundations (including the nation’s very first private foundation). We advance their respective missions via impeccable service and expertise that honors the letter of the law, HR best practices, your board and staff, and, of course, your larger cause.

To the best of our knowledge, myHR Partner is the United States’ only fully outsourced human resources firm offering a private foundation specialty. When asked what makes us effective, we respond as follows:

Niche-specific expertise

Because we work with a number of private foundations, myHR Partner seamlessly navigates this specialty with a clear understanding of needs and norms. We are well-versed in foundation-specific HR concepts, laws and regulations, and best practices. Our acuity is further sharpened by our work with the other foundations we serve – transferrable experience that benefits you.


myHR Partner has established processes in place for efficiently and effectively familiarizing ourselves with your foundation’s objectives, challenges, and short- and long-term goals. From there, we execute all HR functions – including performance and compliance management, employee relations, grantee eligibility and/or fiscal sponsorship, and payroll and benefits administration (alongside your existing vendor, if applicable) –accordingly.

Your foundation’s culture drives smaller yet nonetheless significant decisions, too, such as the frequency of meetings. This degree of agility is the crown jewel of myHR Partner’s reputation and differentiation.

White-glove approach

myHR Partner prides itself on a high-touch approach that reflects the esteemed nature of your mission and team. Our concierge-style expertise is readily available, not just when and how you need it, but in a manner you’ll appreciate. Expect to feel covered and secure with myHR Partner.

A hiring edge

If and when your foundation seeks to add to its staff, Partner expertly targets the right professionals, curating a small pool truly qualified to advance your exact culture and mission. Additionally, we offer uniquely-structured intern programs designed specifically for private foundations, and behave as an extension of your foundation when engaging with existing and prospective talent. Our hiring-adjacent services include employee engagement and retention strategies that are similarly customized.

Board and leadership support

Private foundation clients often ask us to collect and present HR-adjacent information to their boards. Our observations, based on day-to-day interactions with your processes and your team, can strengthen their critical decision-making.

Benefits customization

Private foundations’ employee benefits packages are often more robust than those offered by their corporate counterparts’, with fewer limitations, out-of-pocket costs, and caveats. myHR Partner keeps its finger on the pulse of benefits packages practices and buying options, ensuring your foundation’s benefits are designed with a keen understanding of today’s baselines.


Discretion is essential in all human resources efforts; however, private foundations warrant a distinct brand of judiciousness. myHR Partner vigilantly honors confidentiality and related preferences. It should be noted that we have experience with high-profile foundations whose stakeholders include public figures.


Most private foundation clients fully outsource with myHR Partner – that is, they rely on us for all aspects of human resources. We nonetheless welcome and accommodate their unique preferences regarding delivery specifics. For example, for some foundation clients, we handle all aspects of HR including all tasks. Others fully outsource to us, yet prefer to retain involvement in some tasks.


Private foundations need to thoughtfully consider evolving workplace and cultural norms. myHR Partner stays one step ahead of changing expectations and initiates conversations as needed, equipping your foundation to make informed decisions on critical matters. An example is diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI. Over the past several years, myHR Partner supported several private foundations in the development of DEI strategies across their full employee lifecycle.
The X factor

Private foundation staff members often come from corporate backgrounds and are accustomed to a high level of HR support. Our experience with private foundations has allowed us to create an HR offering that rivals large corporations’, but is scaled to the needs of a smaller non-profit environment. The proof is in the puddling, as they say: Many of myHR Partner’s private foundation clients put us on their organizational charts and say they feel like they’re our only client!