When internal HR doesn’t make sense, outsourced HR can – if you choose the right partner.

To handle HR in-house or not? It’s often the $100,000+ question. Businesses with fewer than 50 employees in particular can’t always afford or justify a human resources salary (human resources managers earned $126,230 on average in 2021, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics), and salary isn’t the only deciding factor. Companies of all sizes worry that outsourced HR might require handholding, lead to loss of control, or underdeliver on returns.

Which brings us to the first rule of HR outsourcing:

Not all outsourced HR is created equal

The opposite, in fact. As outsourced HR ourselves, myHR Partner consistently (and unfortunately) hears about underperforming players in the outsourced HR space. However, high-performing outsourced HR firms do exist. We rightly count ourselves among them. High-performance outsourced HR offers much more than relief from HR functions. We grant your business access to expertise you might never be able to afford in-house. Beyond completing essential HR functions, this expertise lets us build out your workforce with the right people and contribute to their retention, proficiency, and satisfaction. Top firms like ours even help you craft your culture and accelerate growth – without asking you to relinquish control.

So how do you find the right outsourced HR partner? Vet, vet, and vet some more! If you want to learn more about myHR Partner’s track record and impact, check out our customer reviews and reach out to us with questions – no obligations!

Whichever high-performance outsourced HR firm you end up working with – once you find them, expect the following benefits for your business:

1. Expertise

Building an in-house HR department presents a catch-22: You need one competent HR representative at minimum…but who hires that person? Executives can’t be expected to know enough about HR to make a solid HR hiring decision. This is jarring given what’s at stake for your business, especially if internal HR will consist of only one person who needs to know their way around hiring, compliance, benefits and payroll administration, management counsel, employee relations, training, and more.

Outsource with a credible firm like myHR Partner, and these concerns disappear. myHR Partner only hires staff with formal HR educations, so your HR is in the hands of credentialed pros. The benefits continue. myHR Partner staff receives compliance updates on a monthly basis at minimum from a variety of regulatory resources, since no one data base covers it all. Staff also undergo immersive and ongoing training. Last but not least, we have specialists on our team with expertise specific to compliance, hiring, payroll, benefits, and employee relations – and readily tap their expertise whenever your business needs it.

2. Oversight

In-house HR representatives, like all company employees, need to report to someone higher. Again, the rub is that executives overseeing HR don’t often understand how an HR department should run. As such, another benefit of quality outsourced HR is qualified oversight. Not only does myHR Partner fervently vet the HR team assigned to your business; we also expertly oversee them on your behalf.

3. Customization

myHR Partner designs a team for your exact needs, so you get a full HR department – an HR Director, HR Manager, and HR Generalist – for less than the cost of one HR representative. Even more, we scale your team to exactly what you need and charge accordingly – not a penny more. Put simply, you only pay for the level and extent of service you need. And you can scale up with us if needed, so you never need to hire more staff or additional outsourced professionals.

4. Coverage

If your in-house HR representative goes on vacation, is out unexpectedly or indefinitely, or gives their notice, you’re left with no one to handle human resources. myHR Partner’s team setup protects you against this liability. If one team member becomes unavailable, another can jump in seamlessly. We also document and keep process guide for your business – added assurance that you’re always covered.

5. Professional Development

As your company evolves, HR must evolve with it. This is a sticking point if you’re limited to one or two in-house professionals whose experience is limited to your business. Outsourced HR professionals like myHR Partner’s, meanwhile, benefit from constant HR exposure, training, and real-life application across a variety of clients and use cases – the sum of which keeps your business at the forefront of HR best practices. myHR Partner tests all trends internally (or with clients who give us their blessing) before rolling them out across our client base. We can’t overemphasize the extent to which our clients, their employees, and their business outcomes benefit from this forward thinking.

6. Cost

Outsourced HR is not cheap. However, it is typically less expensive than the in-house alternative. Beyond salaries, remember that in-house HR also involves the following hard and soft costs – all of which are included in outsourced HR’s price tag or eliminated when you outsource HR:

  • Managing the performance and needs of your HR representative or team
  • Payroll taxes
  • Paid time off
  • Meetings
  • Health and insurance benefits
  • Training
  • Supplies (computer, cell phone, etc.)
  • Hiring, onboarding/offboarding, etc.
  • Someone to fill in when they are out

If you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance outsourced HR could be the right choice for you. With myHR Partner, you get to focus on your business knowing your human resources is fully and expertly handled. To learn more, download The Indispensable HR Outsourcing Buyer’s Guide.