Back in the day, employers looking to hire could simply post a classified ad and wait for the phone to ring. In the non-profit and foundation world, news traveled fast. All you had to do was let a few colleagues and friends know you were hiring and you could easily get some candidates through referrals. 

But it’s different now. It’s complicated. And, more and more, the prospective employee is driving the process.

Today, candidates will look to your website for most of their information. They’ll get to know your foundation and the mission you support. They’ll see who else works for the foundation and what the culture is like. They might even look you up on social media and company review sites before deciding whether they want to apply for your job. 

The competition for top-rated employees is way past fierce. Given this, it’s imperative that private foundations create helpful career pages to attract the right kind of candidate when they’re ready to hire. If you have a bland and predictable career page now, you’ll never stand out. 

Let Employees Get to Know You

Applicants are looking for more than a job — they’re looking for meaning, and they’re looking for how your foundation might be able to deliver it for them. Luckily, foundations are typically mission-driven; you may already have a built-in audience of prospective employees who know your mission and support it. Regardless, you should attract employees to your foundation by clearly describing your mission and the people who benefit from it. 

Give job candidates a taste of what it’s like to work at your foundation and what will help them succeed. What does the physical space look like? What does a “day in the life” look like? This is an excellent way for prospective employees to decide whether they’re right for your organization before they even apply. 

Show, Don’t Tell

Video is easier than ever to incorporate into your recruiting efforts, and creating one is as simple as coming up with an idea and using your smartphone. Employer branding videos are a way to let your employees show job applicants what it’s like to work in your organization in an unscripted way. Create authentic videos that an “A player” would find relatable–applicants will know the difference between something scripted by a committee and an authentic glimpse into your culture, your team and the people you help.

Determine What You’re Looking For

Each position on your team has specific skills that job applicants to possess. Beyond that, it’s vital for employers to understand the intangibles they want in their employees. How will you know a prized applicant when you see one? Finding alignment with mission and values can help both parties narrow their searches.

Your foundation’s career page is a living digital document that can evolve with your organization as you grow. Keep it and your social channels up to date to attract the types of employees you’d like to hire in the future. When it’s time to gather applications, you’ll end up with a list of more focused and appropriate applicants.