myHR Partner® President and CEO Tina Hamilton, PHR, SHRM-CP, talked business with The Morning Call about confronting racism in the workplace.

From the article:

For business owners, executives and managers, we as leaders have the power to make a difference. Systemic change can only happen when all parts of the system change with it…

What can a company do?

  1. Educate yourself. There are dozens of helpful reading lists of books, articles, videos and movies that can help you understand the issue of racism and how our society can address it.
  2. Address your entire company. Let your team know that you will not tolerate any level of racism or discrimination. Share that you are here for them. If you are not of color, do not try to pretend to understand what it is like. Ask how you can help. Learn as much as you can from your co-workers and other outlets.
  3. Give your people an outlet and someone they can talk to.
  4. Show compassion for their feelings. Employees need to feel secure at work and know that you care for their well-being…

You can read the full story on confronting racism in the workplace here to get Tina’s insights.