How to leverage HR outsourcing companies for your small business

No matter what it is that your company does, you probably only spend a small portion of it on core business functions like bringing in revenue and completing projects. Instead, and especially if you’re a small business, a lot of your time as a business owner is spent on administrative tasks that can usurp all your time and pose a challenge to the leadership of any growing business. Indeed, it’s hard enough to bring in and keep the best people for your business when you can’t lock down that lucrative benefits package or your employees feel that you don’t listen to them. 

But for many small and medium-sized businesses, they turn to HR outsourcing companies to help them close this gap and make sense of the ever-changing landscape of human resources. HR outsourcing lets you spend more of your time and energy on growing your business, while also meeting your company’s HR needs in an affordable and scalable way. 

If you only have a few employees, HR outsourcing companies are a lifesaver, offloading tedious tasks and other regulatory red tape that you’d have to spend most of your waking hours on to stay up to date with. From payroll processing and benefit management to paperwork, recruiting, onboarding and more, HR solutions companies are your last defense against a torrent of tasks associated with managing your number one asset — your employees.

However, not all HR outsourcing companies are alike, and you’ll find tons of variation in capability as well as cost if you’re looking for your next HR partner. The most important piece is whether outsourcing actually makes HR easier, because sometimes outsourcing can put one more obstacle between your employees and what they need to thrive. After all, if your employees can’t easily access the HR services they need, you’ll be spending money on something that won’t help at all.

But if you can make outsourced HR work, and your employees buy into the more comprehensive assistance and streamlined services that they get with HR outsourcing companies, then you could have a real winner on your hands. 

HR Outsourcing in 2020

To say that 2020 has seen its share of surprises is a gross understatement. And nowhere have things changed more than with businesses that are trying to navigate the world of remote work. But these shifts were already occurring in the years leading up to 2020 — this year just gave them a hefty push. With the advanced capabilities of cloud computing, it’s no longer the case that you need everyone sitting in a room somewhere to get the company’s work done.

But it does make it harder to identify, vet and hire the best talent, and then you’ve got to integrate them into the company culture. That’s hard when everyone’s at home or working from satellite offices when it comes to a traditional HR department — but it’s a cinch when you leverage HR outsourcing companies. 

When you’re looking for a new hire, an HR company can help you conduct the search, vetting that sizable list of applicants into something a little more manageable, and then helping you interview, pick and onboard the perfect candidate. And the money you save by not retaining a full, in-house team of HR professionals means you’ll have more resources to attract the best talent and get more done.

For existing HR departments, HR outsourcing can alleviate significant burdens that are beyond your current HR capabilities. By scaling with an HR outsourcing company, you can extend your HR competencies without the burden of doubling down on a system that may not be able to serve a workforce that is increasingly working remotely. When it comes to advanced web-based HR features for your employees, a small, in-house team just can’t keep up.

What to Expect With Pricing

Since there are many HR outsourcing companies out there — and almost as many unique needs — there’s no telling what you’ll pay, or what you’ll get, with any old HR outsourcing provider. Obviously, price is a concern, but you could pay anywhere from about $1000 per month all the way up to thousands per month for HR outsourcing capabilities. It all depends on what you need and how many employees you’ll need to fit under your plan. 

Given that, the best HR partner is one that will work with you to meet your unique HR needs. Balance the cost of outsourcing with your employees’ real needs, and go with the company that will help you get it right, not just the one that asks for the lowest fee. But whichever way you go, you’ll stand to save a substantial amount. Most HR outsourcing companies will cost less than just one full-time HR person, and the best part is that it’ll scale as your business grows — which is something you won’t be able to tap into in-house without a significant expansion.

How myHR Partner Can Help

Whether you need an HR partnership or some HR expertise to knock out an HR-related project such as hiring your next rock star, myHR Partner can help. With five-star support for existing HR departments and the ability to develop full-fledged HR strategies to identify, hire and onboard the best talent, myHR Partner is fully committed to your HR success. We’ll help you see the bigger picture while also enabling you to handle the demands of a modern-day workforce. Fully customized and tailored to your business, our strategies meet your exact need when you need it most. 

If you already have a hard-working HR team in place, myHR Partner will enable your existing department to do more with less, which is especially crucial when everybody’s working more from home. Back up your busy team with myHR Partner and learn how easy it is to navigate the recent changes in how we all work. Especially if you’re trying to run a fledgling HR department in your spare time, myHR Partner can pick up where you leave off, helping with payroll, benefits or anything else you need.

From hiring management and compliance management to employee relations, payroll and benefits, as well as training and an employee hotline, myHR Partner is capable of meeting your HR needs, no matter what they are. 

For more on what HR outsourcing companies can do for you, contact the experts at myHR Partner. We’ll help you take control of your rising HR needs without breaking the bank. Whether you’re having trouble keeping up with your HR demands or you need a trusted partner to help you identify that next crucial hire, myHR Partner is the answer. Contact us today to see how we can help you today.